The most beautiful grandmother in the world: here is her incredible story

The most beautiful grandmother in the world: here is her incredible story

Here is the Frenchwoman, who is said to be “the most beautiful grandmother in the world” – Yasmine Rossi! She has been featured in many pages of magazines all over the world. This grandmother, who assumes her gray-white hair, proves that beauty does not have to be limited to youth. She also established herself late in the fashion world, since she was no less than 30 years old when she started, which is quite unusual in this sector. And if the fashion world is full of young men and women who want to conquer the world, Ms. Rossi has proven that she is just as ready to face them with a career that has already spanned more than 30 years. Here is his interesting story!

The most beautiful grandmother in the world

the most beautiful grandmother in the world

Age is a weird thing, some women like their white or gray hair and assume it proudly, but this is not necessarily the case in every environment. The model does share her take on the matter honestly.

aged model yasmine rassi

“A few years ago I started to think that things would gradually change and we would start to see older models, but that didn’t happen. I think men and women have the same concerns about aging. No one likes to see their skin give in to gravity. At the same time, getting older is something beautiful because you get stronger as time goes by,” Yasmine herself said.

the most beautiful grandmother in the world

“Age is definitely a state of mind. If you are connected with your inner child, you can recharge your batteries and keep that energy,” she continued. She also confirmed that she had never had cosmetic surgery.

most beautiful grandma in the world

She proclaims that “the idea of ​​going under the scalpel when I am in perfect health does not make much sense to me”. “I take the oil and use it on my skin. On my hair, I put rapeseed oil. I rub my skin once a week with olive oil and fine sugar. I eat an avocado a day and good organic meat and fish,” she says. A facial treatment is very important – we agree.

the most beautiful grandmother in the world

Indeed, it seems very simple, but we are sure that the lucky genes must also come into play… On the networks (especially Instagram), Yasmina Rossi, regularly shares beach outfits. She reveals her silhouette to make even the youngest of her 334,000 subscribers envious. And with good reason: this senior model was voted the sexiest grandmother in the world in 2018.

the most beautiful grandmother in the world age

Looking through her Instagram feed, it’s hard to tell her age! Apart from her white hair and her few wrinkles on her face, the sexagenarian does not really look her age. Tanned and luminous complexion, white teeth, toned body… How can she display such a physique at 66 years old? Quite simply thanks to an irreproachable lifestyle.

The secret of her good looks

the most beautiful grandmother in the old world

Faced with the passage of time, we are not all equal. This 66-year-old woman proves that aging is not necessarily synonymous with physical decadence. Yasmina Rossi’s secret of youth would be to never consume any processed product and to eat an avocado a day. Since her menopause, she also says she no longer consumes sugary drinks or alcohol.

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Every morning, to look good, Yasmina Rossi has a ritual: drink the juice of a lemon in water lukewarm. The secret is known, but if it is equally effective for all, there may soon be a shortage of lemons. Especially since this senior model would never have had recourse to cosmetic surgery and would not be a follower of make-up either.

mature model interesting story

If we look at his photos closely, besides obviously a few wrinkles, we recognize his naturalness. Aging and staying beautiful (all without cosmetic surgery) is possible. The beauty claimed to have never gone under the knife. She just doesn’t eat processed food as instructed.

the most beautiful grandmother in the world biography

Also, Yasmina Rossi explains that she no longer drinks sugary drinks since her menopause. On the make-up side, the model is not a big fan of overly sophisticated beauty treatments. She simply maintains her complexion under the California sun, where she settled after having lived a good part of her life in Corsica. What do you think ? Incredible, isn’t it?

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