This mask at 14 euros makes double chin disappear in 20 minutes, and it’s impressive

This mask at 14 euros makes double chin disappear in 20 minutes, and it's impressive

Tips for getting rid of double chin flock by the dozens on the Internet. Between techniques of massage, surgery or brush strokes, all means are good to make it disappear. Many beauty brands also offer products that promise to sculpt the face. This is particularly the case of this mask to place under his chin and hang behind his ears.

the mask for the chin comes in the same form as the one that is placed on the entire face. It is a strip of fabric, soaked in several active ingredients, which must be fixed behind his ears so that they can take effect under the chin. This product compensates for bad gestures in her skincare routine. Indeed, the first rule to follow to prevent a double chin is to systematically extend your care face to neck. We often forget this part of the body, and yet it is the area that is first affected by the skin aging and weight gain.

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Several techniques to make your double chin disappear

If more and more women favor self-massage on this part of the body, it often requires much of the time. Indeed, the gestures must be repeated over sessions of 15 to 30 minutes. Moreover, for the technique to work, it is necessary to be regular. And a busy schedule can quickly have consequences on this technique, which is quickly put aside during the day. For its part, the mask offered by the brand Lauer only needs to be placed on the face. The hands thus remain free.

Is this product actually efficient ? It is to this question that theinfluencerTikTok Rocio Roses wanted to respond in a new video. The young woman, passionate about beauty, offers an honest test of the product. She films herself before application, during and 30 minutes after leaving it on. According to her, the results are clearly visible.

The brand promises a facelift from the bottom of the face. The mask is designed to stimulate the reduction of fat deposits in the chin. Another benefit? Erase fine lines along the application area. Lauer precise : ” Clinically proven, the V Line mask is vegan and not tested on animals. In terms of ingredients, the company highlights four:hyaluronic acidaloe vera, collagen as well as seaweed.

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The mask also provides moisturizing properties, in particular made possible by the presence of hyaluronic acid. The latter moisturizes the deep layers of the skin and also improves its texture. Among its advantages? Its use ! This one is particularly easy. Like a classic mask for the face, you have to remove the band that retains the active ingredients and then come and place the fabric under your chin and hang it on your two ears.

The results of the influencer have amazed internet users. Many of them commented that the difference between before and after was striking. This technique would therefore be particularly effective in the event of a double chin due to a sagging of the face. However, none study does not seem to have proven the effectiveness of masks. They can thus be a good complement to a massage routine and as part of a healthy life. The product is available at the price of 14 euros on Amazon.

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