What is in & out beauty?

What is in & out beauty?

Take care of yourself on the inside and show it on the outside? It’s a bit like the concept of the trend in & out beauty.

What’s the trend in & out ?

In short, in & out beauty could be summed up as a form of holistic beauty, that is to say, which takes into account the human in its totality rather than partially; a very trendy concept. The idea is that several parameters are taken into account to be “beautiful”, such as diet, mental health, physical exercise… Obviously we already know that diet has a considerable impact on the beauty and that certain foods can help improve the quality of the skin, help strengthen the hair fiber or even healthy teeth and, in fact, a beautiful smile…

Who is in & out beauty for?

And the world of beauty has also invested in I’holism. How ? Via dietary supplements! And if we especially knew those dedicated to the growth of hair, nails or tanning, today the sector has greatly diversified. So much so that there are some to meet all the needs that you want to take care of your skin, your hair, etc.

How to get started in & out beauty ?

Today, dietary supplements have given way to in & out trend (at least in the jargon). It is no longer just a matter of kinds of pills and capsules to swallow: food supplements, beauty gummies and other sweets, oil to season your plate, infusions… there is something for all tastes and all needs. Convinced by the benefits of a more global approach, many brands have specialized in the field! Some offer a playful approach with beneficial sweets such as Lashilé Beauty, others share with their consumers a more committed and natural vision of beauty. Among the brands to discover: MiYé – and its supplements developed to support women during their hormonal variations -, Aime, which also offers powders to dilute in its drinks or even Ulé – the latest addition to the Shiseido group – which markets a phyto-nutritive oil and a powdered immunity booster food supplement…

  • [MY] Female hormonal balance. Food supplements. MiYé. 42 € (180 tablets).
  • [MY] ‘Happy Cycle’ concentrated infusion. MiYé. €21.90 (20 uses)
  • In&out phyto-nutritive oil ‘Having it all’ (100 ml). Ule. 74 €.
  • Dietary supplement ‘Moccha Glow 5′ or ‘Matcha Glow’ or ‘Cacao Glow’ (5 sticks of 12.15 g). Love. €12 at Sephora.
  • Food supplements ‘Omega Glow’ or ‘Body Elixir’ (200ml). Love. €39 at Sephora.

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