Death of Queen Elizabeth II: for 70 years of reign, Her Majesty swore only by these cult beauty products

Death of Queen Elizabeth II: for 70 years of reign, Her Majesty swore only by these cult beauty products

For more than half a century, Elizabeth II was faithful to the people but also to her beauty products. The British monarch swore by these cosmetic brands before her death on September 8, 2022.

From her crisp monochrome outfits to the brand of shoes she’s worn for over 50 years, Elizabeth II had developed an aesthetic very much hers during her 70 years on the throne. IIt is even rumored that she has been carrying the same bag for nearly 60 years. At each of her appearances, the queen had on her arm a simple bag designed by the British brand Launer. Her first purchase was from the 1950s. She considered it the perfect size to wear on her arm on walks. Since then, the royal has remained faithful to her bags, but not only…

Elizabeth II: her favorite beauty products have stood the test of time

Elizabeth II swore by a brand of bag, shoe… Beauty side, it was different. If she wore the same hairstyle since her accession to the thronewhich was only subtly altered during his reign, she bet on different products for her perfect beauty. The brands have even received royal warrants and had supplied the Windsor household for years, she loved certain product references so much. Here is the selection of powders, perfumes, lipsticks…the queen’s must-haves.

Elizabeth II loved her luminous complexion and discreet makeup

The queen was very fond of Clarins cosmetics. Before her death, Elizabeth II still regularly used the brand’s products, including the Ever Matte foundation powder that she particularly adored.. Her Majesty had long been a fan of Elizabeth Arden lipsticks. While it’s unclear exactly which color the British monarch preferred, she tended to sport bold pink shades. On the manicure side, a rumor has it that the founder of the nail polish brand Essie was contacted by someone close to Her Majesty in 1989. Since that day, their nude shade is the only varnish that adorned her nails. The Molton Brown brand also had the privilege of supplying the Queen with toiletries. Again, no one has managed to uncover the credentials the monarch enjoyed. Reviews lean toward the rose range, one of her favorite scents. The mystery will hover forever

Elizabeth II: her favorite perfume was created by a major French brand

The queen is said to have attached great importance to perfume. According to British media, she was particularly seduced by a perfume from a French house. Queen Elizabeth II was a big fan of “The blue Hour” by Guerlain, which is described as a powdery note full of romanticism. This bottle contains a floral fragrance with powdery and citrus notes. Bergamot brings freshness, while violet, neroli, tuberose, rose and clove accord set the floral accents. According to the perfumer, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite perfume is “an ode to joie de vivre and romance.” The perfect description of the queen.

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