Face care: 5 good reasons to include an oil in your morning routine, for skin that is twice as beautiful this fall

Face care: 5 good reasons to include an oil in your morning routine, for skin that is twice as beautiful this fall

The oil has never made so many followers. It must be said that this face care meets all our expectations at the beginning of autumn. Ultra-sensory, super nourishing, with an immediate healthy glow effect, it has many benefits for the skin:

  1. It holds the upper hand in terms of eco-friendly care, since it does not require preservatives, and fulfills all the roles on its own: repair, hydration, protection. “The trend is no longer towards over-consumption but towards simplicity. Long neglected in favor of creams, vegetable oil, very rich in active ingredients, can be applied in day and night care, and alone meets all of our daily needs”Explain Sandrine Sistinefounder of Nussa.
  2. Its composition is in total affinity with the microbiota skin. “A vegetable oil consists of triglycerides that the microbiota decomposes on the one hand into glycerine contributing to hydration, on the other into free fatty acids with powerful repairing power”confirm Sylvie Peresdermatologist at the head ofAlena.
  3. Its texture is particularly conducive toself-massagebrought up to date by a new generation of facialists who advocate a more natural and tactile beauty.
  4. It fills all the nutritional deficiencies of the skin.
  5. A pro-light facial treatment, the oil brings an instant hyper-natural glow to the skin, for a long time.

The 9 best face oil formulas of the moment:


The skin is deeply hydratedbut also brighter, smoother and plumper, with each application of this concentrate of Rose Souveraine absolute, designed for the driest and most delicate skin.

The Sovereign Oil, Dior Prestige

2. Augustinus Bader

Worship Face OilAugustinus Bader sip of the famous TFC8 complex regenerates the skin in depth, hydrates and nourishes it, in addition to providing it with a natural glowing effect, which lasts all day.

The Face Oil, Augustinus Bader

3. Clarins

Conceived in 1954, this formula signed Clarins combining a blue orchid extract (revitalizing and toning) with hazelnut oil (nourishing and anti-dehydrating), with the divine scent of patchouli, has not aged a bit. Apply at night to wake up skin plumpy than ever.

Blue Orchid Oil, Clarins

4. Omoye

Drawing on the pharmacopoeia and ancestral recipes of Africa, this potion which combines 7 oils from tree seeds and plants, all complementary, nourishes the epidermis as much as the mind.

Treasure Oil, Omoyé

5. Pa

The intense orange color immediately announces the high concentration of wild rose contained in this oil. A small bomb of fatty acids which stimulates the regeneration of the skin and multiplies its glow.

Wild Rose Universal Face Oil, Pai Skincare

6. Kos Paris

Two drops of this mixture are enough to give a boost to the tired faces. All thanks to an anti-aging complex based on prickly pear and acai berry seeds, mixed with geranium essential oil.

Elixir of Legends, Kos

7. Dr. Jackson’s

Fruit of knowledge unearthed all over the world, this concentrate of seeds, flowers and plants, nourishes the skin in depth, while erasing redness on the surface.

03 Everyday Oil, Dr. Jackson’s



8. Nussa

Infused with rose petals that continuously release their regenerating power, this oil instantly revitalizes the skinand illuminates the complexion with a radiant glow.

Plumping flower oil, Nüssa

9. Alena

With her scent solar, which evokes the air of Biarritz, this cocktail of moisturizing active ingredients (camellia, raspberry, buriti and jojoba) can be applied to the face as well as to the body and the hair.

Alaena – Nourishing oil with rose petals

57 €

Alaena via Smallable

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