How Nu Skin is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry?

How Nu Skin is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry?

Nu Skin, is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, how did it get there?

NOTu Skin is a global beauty and wellness company, helping people feel great, look their best and live their best. We offer products that combine the best of science, technology and nature, including an award-winning line of beauty care devices for use at home. Since its humble beginnings in Utah, USA in 1984, Nu Skin has lost none of the values ​​on which the company was founded. For more than 35 years, the spirit of innovation and the desire to improve lives has driven the company to ever greater heights and inspired thousands of like-minded people to join the ‘crew. To date, Nu Skin is represented in almost 50 countries, has over 61,000 brand affiliates and over 1 Million customers worldwide! And we don’t intend to stop there! The future certainly holds some great surprises for us! Nu Skin has surpassed all the leaders in the cosmetics industry by being named the world’s No. 1 brand of beauty care devices from 2017 to 2020, according to the renowned market research company Euromonitor International Ltd. This is major recognition of the innovative nature of our products!

Why did you choose to grow through network marketing?

Nu Skin has been named the world’s #1 beauty care device brand for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2020! The goal of our beauty care devices is to make innovation accessible by placing it directly in the hands of consumers. What could be better than the comfort of their home to present our products to them? Today, product recommendation, whether in real life or on the internet, is an integral part of the purchasing decision process and direct selling fits perfectly into this context. In addition, loving our products can be the starting point of the journey at Nu Skin. In fact, many of our Brand Affiliates started this way. Whether the person wants to share their favorite products with a few friends or go further, our direct sales opportunity, competitive, flexible and rewarding, will adapt to their needs.

Finally, as a long-time member of various direct selling associations internationally, such as the FVD in France, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in the industry and to following the code of ethics from the Association. We are therefore committed to strictly complying with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where we operate, and have implemented policies, training and compliance audits to help our sales force comply with them.

How do you support your salespeople on a daily basis?

Accompaniment is an important part of our work. Our Account Managers play a role of coach and help the ambassadors in all their requests. They are also very often the first contact between the Brand Affiliates and the company and it is not uncommon for very good relationships of trust to be created and to last over the years. In addition, we make it a point of honor to train! Our independent representatives have access to various training courses on various subjects such as the products, the commission plan or even local laws and regulations concerning the industry. These courses are accessible via a Learning Center which is an interactive online training tool, totally free and which allows new affiliate resellers to quickly access information wherever they are. It was designed to motivate and help build confidence quickly as they begin their Nu Skin business.

What’s so appealing about NuSkin?

It all starts with Science! Innovation and collaboration have always been at the heart of our actions. In our 2 research centers (one in the USA and the other in Asia), a pool of more than 75 scientists collaborates with renowned scientific institutions while relying on revolutionary technologies. At Nu Skin, we think it’s important not to rest on your past. The needs of our customers are constantly changing, and our skincare and wellness products support them in this change. It’s not for nothing that we’ve been named the world’s No. 1 beauty care device brand for four consecutive years. You have certainly heard of our ageLOC LumiSpa systems, ageLOC Galvanic Spa or our latest addition the ageLOC Boost system! These devices, associated with their cosmetics, are our greatest pride! To test them is to adopt them! It is therefore very motivating to work for a brand such as ours.

What measures does the company implement to reduce its environmental impact?

It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. First, we start by looking internally. Our commitment is to work continuously to create a global network of zero waste facilities. This project has already started here in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) market, with our warehouse in Venlo, the Netherlands, powered by green energy from renewable resources, low consumption LED lighting and the use of recycled materials in some of our product packaging. The warehouse can even boast of hosting a hive of bees!

Also, we use sustainable components such as post-consumer resin (PRC) or bio-resin made from sugar cane for the packaging of several products, and we have many other projects in mind. have already started to assess, rate and improve the environmental impact score of our most popular products, with the aim of doing so for our entire portfolio by 2023. We are committed to ensuring that each of our products offers packaging improved in sustainability by 2030. It’s not easy for such a large portfolio, but we’ll get there! You can already observe some of our progress with our new Nutricentials or Epoch ranges.

What advice would you give to people who would like to succeed in direct selling?

I think that as in everything, we must believe in ourselves and have confidence in our actions! This is for me the keystone of our life: we can stumble, fall or even sometimes feel demotivated, but once we are sure of the path taken, nothing and no one can make us change our minds and we deviate. You have to have the consistency and the determination to move forward step by step! We can allow ourselves to dream big, but without detaching ourselves from the discipline required on a daily basis; In the end, direct selling is very similar to any other business model: with consistency and determination, you can climb mountains, while enjoying life!

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