Light, beauty and protection? The Q10 Cien anti-wrinkle line from Lidl has it all!

Light, beauty and protection?  The Q10 Cien anti-wrinkle line from Lidl has it all!

Take care of your skin? Nothing could be simpler with suitable products and an effective beauty routine! Designed to optimally meet the expectations of the epidermis, the Cien Anti-Rides Q10 brand by Lidl aims to be the accomplice of women, promising them a prettier, luminous and protected skin, day and night, for a very good value for money. A complete line that Lidl unveils in an unprecedented 100% digital catalog dedicated to beauty.

Cien, the everyday beauty ally

Accumulating distinctions since its launch, the Cien line imagined by Lidl, acclaimed for the effectiveness of its products as well as its soft and pleasant textures, is available both in make-up and in skincare for women, men and even sunscreens. It does not omit to offer a permanent anti-wrinkle range thanks to three essential products at affordable prices. Their strengths? Help the skin to regenerate, to stay beautiful and luminous while preventing the signs of aging.

Three essential anti-aging treatments

Day cream, night cream and hand cream, the three flagship products of the Cien Anti-Rides Lidl range, in addition to their melting texture, have a secret: the presence of anti-aging Q10 as well as vitamin E in their wording. Enriched with a Liftan complexTM Intensive and with hyaluronic acid, the day cream, nourishing and regenerating, helps to maintain complete hydration of the skin throughout the day. Its UVA/UVB SPF 15 filter, on the other hand, makes sure to offer it essential sun protection. Coming to support the epidermis after daily aggressions, the night cream allows it to initiate its repair and regeneration process, nourishing and revitalizing the skin in depth thanks to Q10 antioxidants and vitamin E. Finally, the cream for mains concentrates its efforts on this area which is always very exposed to external aggressions and bad weather, requiring increased attention. Enriched with beeswax and vitamin E, the nourishing formula repairs dry and weakened skin, prevents sun spots and signs of aging while leaving the epidermis extremely soft.

A tailor-made beauty routine

If having the right products is a first step, you still need to use an effective beauty routine! For the first time, Lidl is developing an unprecedented 100% digital catalog to be accessible to all, entirely devoted to beauty. In addition to the complete presentation of its range of care and cosmetic products, Lidl also slips in multiple tips so that everyone can take care of themselves and their skin. A very well thought-out “beauty digest”, permanently available, allowing information to be gleaned whenever the need arises. In the beauty routine that is revealed there, four gestures quickly prove to be inevitable, morning and evening. First, wash your hands to prevent the bacteria responsible for the formation of pimples and blackheads. Then, cleanse your skin, especially to remove makeup residue and pollutants at the end of the day, with the Doux Cien cleansing gel. After cleansing, prepare the epidermis for hydration with the use of an astringent, water-filled toner. Finally, nourish your skin with a day or night cream, such as Q10 Cien night cream, applying it with smoothing gestures to help relax the muscles of the face, stimulate blood circulation and help effective penetration of the care. Good habits to repeat daily in order to obtain rested, hydrated skin and a radiant complexion!

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