Natural and organic beauty: Three key trends spotted at Vivaness 2022

Natural and organic beauty: Three key trends spotted at Vivaness 2022

Unsurprisingly for an event dedicated to organic beauty, the quest for sustainability was at the heart of Vivaness 2022. Concerns about sustainability indeed continue to grow among European consumers who have had to deal with record temperatures and unprecedented droughts this summer. In this context, plastic-free and zero waste, the rise of natural and sustainable oral care, and local sourcing, are the main trends that emerged from the show.

Plastic free and zero waste

Solid cosmetics and zero-waste concepts remain popular, and many young independent brands are introducing water-free or water-responsible products.

Lamazunaa French pioneer in solid beauty, presented its new solid perfumes, while its compatriot Walk in Provence presented a solid eye cream based on borage oil. The young Italian brand, Everyday for Future presented a quartet of twist-up face and eye serums.

As far as German companies are concerned, the zero waste mark Niyok presented a solid hand cream; 4 People Who Care introduced a solid SPF50 sunscreen called Naseweiss; and CMD Naturkosmetik joined the trend of powder products with foaming hair cleanser. Let’s also not forget the make-up remover glove made from natural plant fibers developed by the emerging beauty brand Nakt. The start-up’s versatile makeup sticks fabel are handmade in Berlin from fair trade shea butter and wrapped in locally produced paper wrappers. Finally, the zero-waste DIY beauty brand Hello Singlewhich started with deodorant creams in 2016, also recently released a lip and cheek color stick.

Some Asian exhibitors were able to participate in the show. Among them, the Taiwanese beauty brand naveen, which featured a sachet-free eye mask. The cardboard packaging contains dry masks and a serum packaged separately in a glass bottle.

Focus on oral care

The zero waste and waterless trend has also spurred the development of many products in the oral care market. This category of products was very present at Vivaness 2022, with many waterless alternatives such as toothpaste powders or in tablet form.

Teethloversfor example, launched a range of four tooth-cleaning powders in different flavors at the end of 2020, while the German start-up’s vegan toothpastes and toothpastes Zahnheldwith their stylish packaging, were launched in 2021.

The German brand Apeiron introduced a new mint-flavored tooth-cleaning powder with cardamom, neem and cloves, as the Italian manufacturer Gala Cosmetici has formulated its new Bio Happy Whitening toothpowder with charcoal powder, essential oils of eucalyptus and ginger.

Plastic-free alternatives to manual toothbrushes and electric or sonic toothbrush heads also topped the bill at this year’s Vivaness. Several exhibitors also presented plastic-free and/or vegan interdental brushes or dental floss.

Swedish society The Humbleone of the first European brands to launch manual toothbrushes with bamboo handles in 2013, introduced its newly launched replacement heads for electric toothbrushes made from renewable materials including corn starch, bamboo and castor oil.

The German brand truemorrowlaunched a few years ago, also featured replacement heads made from renewable raw materials as well as plastic-free and vegan dental floss (wrapped in glass or stainless steel depending on preference).

On the way to the local!

Third major trend visible at the show: localism, with brands highlighting small batches made by hand locally or focusing on active ingredients and plants of local origin.

The Bavarian start-up Rose and Ann, for example, makes rosehip oil from rosehip kernels sourced from food waste from a local jam company. The recycled, cold-pressed oils are then blended with plant stem cells.

The start-up Raw Naturkosmetik handcrafts its beauty products from cold-pressed vegetable oils. Based in Baden-Württemberg, the company says each product uses a key oil, such as poppy seed, pumpkin seed, black cumin or hemp.

Spirit of Rugenanother young independent German brand, offers products handcrafted on the small island of Rügen, famous for its white chalk cliffs, and several of its beauty products contain the famous Rügen chalk.

The Dutch brand Van Toen Remedies presented healing balms and lotions in a European apothecary style reinterpreted with organic formulas. The range includes a warming soothing balm, cooling lotions for sore muscles, an arnica healing lotion and vegetable petrolatum.

With its new range, Naked, the German mainstream beauty brand Hej Organic showed that organic beauty can be just as functional as conventional cosmetics. The new line offers a micellar water, serum, enzyme peel and face cream formulated without perfume and with high percentages of targeted actives, such as vitamin C, azelaic acid, bakuchiol and zinc PCA.

The next Vivaness will be held on its usual dates in winter, from February 14 to 17, 2023.

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