Nettles, bee venom… The surprising beauty secrets of Camilla Parker Bowles

Nettles, bee venom... The surprising beauty secrets of Camilla Parker Bowles

Adored or disputed, Camilla Parker-Bowles, who has just become the new queen consort of England at the age of 75, has always displayed a sober and natural beauty that she maintains in an astonishing way…

In the 1970s, the British discovered the face of the one who would become the second wife of Prince Charles: Camilla Parker-Bowles. Long perceived as the person responsible for the divorce between Charles and Diana, she worked for a long time to restore her image with the English people. Since marrying the Prince of Wales in 2005, she has become theone of the pillars of the monarchy. She ensured her commitments until today becoming queen consort with the accession of her husband to the throne. Bright face and impeccable look, Camilla Parker-Bowles embodies her title to perfection. Beauty portrait of the new Queen of England.

Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Royal Routine

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle aren’t the only ones who have mastered the art of beauty. Whether for official outings or on the go, the new queen consort always displays a radiant mine, without having to do too much. From a young age, Camilla Parker-Bowles has had a penchant for minimalist makeovers. His signature ? A luminous blond and discreet make-up. At 75, she stands out with an ultra-sophisticated blond bob, which she usually styles backwards. Its voluminous cut is always dressed with a fringe or a lock. An elegant and refined hairstyle that befits her rank. As for make-up, she doesn’t think outside the box and always chooses her usual subtlety. A simple pink lipstick, slightly pearly, mascara and a touch of blush are enough to sublimate it. When she is not wearing bare nails, the sovereign opts for a very wise shade of nude varnish.

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A surprising anti-aging secret

After lots of sun exposure and years of heavy smoking, Camilla Parker-Bowles has marked wrinkles. To counter the aging process of the skin, she does not turn to cosmetic surgery but to a natural solution. Indeed, the former Duchess of Cornwall would be a follower of organic facelift. Designed by Deborah Mitchell, a British beautician already frequented by Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow, this bee venom anti-aging treatment is injected during a non-surgical procedure. Of the same range, it would also use a natural nettle cream. Called “Nettle Venom”, this stinging product would act like botox to tighten the skin. It would cause a skin reaction which would force the epidermis to stimulate its production of collagen and elastin. According to the designer, daily use promises a smoothing and toning effect. The secret to eternal beauty?

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The queen consort’s tips for staying in shape

If all eyes have been on her since the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla Parker-Bowles (1.73m) did not wait to maintain her image. No miracle, the key to her impeccable appearance lies in her lifestyle. Her Royal Highness has found the right balance between healthy eating and physical activity. But no question of depriving yourself! Camilla Parker-Bowles doesn’t believe in diets and eats hearty dishes. She does not hesitate to cook foods rich, especially in collagen. Thus, she consumes a lot of avocados to fill up with vitamin C, E and B6. She is also a big fan of fresh products, especially those harvested on their estate. In addition, she practices some yoga and pilates. The goal ? Improve your flexibility and strengthen your body. Methods which seem in any case to bear fruit because the new queen consort is in better shape than ever.

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