New in Lille: Louise V., world massage specialist, opens her wellness institute

Louise Valenduc vient d

Louise Valenduc has just opened her care institute in Lille (Nord).  She offers you massages based on oils that you choose, from her selection.
Louise Valenduc has just opened her care institute in Lille (Nord). She offers you massages based on oils that you choose, from her selection. (©Amandine Vachez / Lille news)

At 35, rue des Postes, Louise Valenduc, originally from Lille (North), opened its wellness institute. Specialized in world massageshe pampers you with attention, delicacy, and above all welcomes you with a big smile!

Take flight

Louise, 27, who opened her shop a few days ago in Wazemmes, welcomes you in an atmosphere conducive to well-being. Living for several years in the neighborhood, which she is very fond of, she felt the urge to undertake, after several years of experience in care and aesthetics.

After college, Louise immediately went down this path. Her diploma in hand at 18, she left for the United States to improve her English. Then specializes in world massages. After several years of working as an employee, she refined her preferences before starting her own business.

“There comes a time when you want to take off,” says the entrepreneur, who focuses her care on the body, leaving aside the nail part and make-up, for which she has less appeal.

In a cocoon

In this institute with modern and refined decor, you are enveloped in a cocoon of softness. Louise, who offers massages, body treatments, facials, hair removal and services related to slimmingtakes the time to understand your expectations.

Let’s take for example a back massage, which she very kindly offers during our visit to the shop. On which areas to insist, are there any particular expectations? She questions us quickly and leaves us to our preparation, in a locker room where everything is available (chair, coat rack, slippers). We settle down quietly, in privacy, before she comes to start the session.

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Here is one of the two treatment rooms with which Louise's wellness salon is equipped.
Here is one of the two treatment rooms with which Louise’s wellness salon is equipped. (© Nina Marchand photographer)

A few words exchanged and we let ourselves, on the table with soft and warm towels, be carried away by the atmosphere conducive to relaxation. It begins with a few strokes of Tibetan cymbals, “to open the chakras”, specifies the masseuse. Then she evacuates the tensions, during the session, using an oil chosen at the start. Here an oil scented with tiare flower, which Louise takes care to heat. This timeless moment ends with new cymbal hits, before we are quietly invited to return to reality. The journey is complete…

“Take the time, for each person”

Nothing is left to chance by the body care specialist, who chose to practice alone to begin with. “I want to take the time, for each person, to feel good here. She gives herself time to see how things evolve.

In the meantime, you can choose your service without delay (massages, especially for pregnant women, facial treatments, body rituals, hair removal for men and women, etc.). Louise also offers products for sale, on site: organic and French. For the final word, she invites everyone to “not wait for the opportunity to be offered a treatment”. The message is transmitted.

Louise V., 35, rue des Postes in Lille, open every day except Sunday (by reservation). Count 45 euros for a 30-minute massage (45 on site), 85 euros for one hour (1h15 on site) and 125 for a 1h30 session (1h45 on site). Possible subscriptions. All treatments listed on the online booking platform. Find out more: Instagram; Facebook.

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