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The editorial journalists make you discover their favorite beauty products. Express anti-fatigue mask, eyeliner with eraser tip, magic bronzing powder… here is their beauty routine for this back to school.

Real beauty experts, the editorial journalists invite you to discover their favorite products, those they have tested and fully adopted. In this special back-to-school selection, Maude, Élodie and Inès have selected the essentials of their beauty routines for you. Smart and easy-to-use products that illuminate the complexion, enhance the look or tame the hair in record time.

On the program: a lustrous effect styling gel, smoothing and plumping bulbs, a bronzer with a hybrid texture, an anti-puffiness eye contour treatment or an eyeliner with an eraser tip… amazingly effective products and whose effects are immediately visible. Discover their make-up, skincare and hair favorites from €7 to €102 and maybe fall for one of them.

The selection of Elodie, 29 years old – Aufeminine beauty journalist and Beauté Test

Look care Oh the eyes! Etc. beauty, 34€
An eye contour treatment with a refreshing tip perfect for reducing puffiness and dark circles. It is enriched with soothing cornflower extract.

  • What makes the difference : its applicator tip hugs the contour of the eye well, it’s perfect for a light massage.
  • My advice : slide the metal tip from the inside to the outside of the face to effectively deflate puffiness.

Sisley 1-minute enzymatic exfoliating mask, €101.99
Finally a purifying mask that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin! It gently eliminates dead cells and smoothes pores thanks to its formula enriched with exfoliating active ingredients, in particular papain.

  • What makes the difference : its mini exposure time (1 minute!) and its practical powder format which allows me to carry it easily.
  • My advice : be careful when turning the powder into a cream by adding water. Do not put too much to avoid diluting the treatment too much, or not enough, otherwise you will have small clumps of powder in the texture.

Sheglam Vacation Daze Swizzle Stick Eyeliners, £12.99
I love this kit of colored eyeliners that comes with an “eraser” eyeliner that allows you to correct the shot in case of error. The felt tips are very practical and the colors are perfect for colorful makeup, a change from classic black eyeliner.

  • What makes the difference : the eyeliner eraser that comes with it and helps correct smudges.
  • My advice : to draw your lines to perfection, do not hesitate to tilt the tip of the eyeliner. Once tilted, she gives us a flawless tip in no time.

The selection of Maude, 27 years old – Aufeminin lifestyle journalist

Cherry treat conditioning + strengthening oil, Fenty Skin, €22
This lip oil is also a favorite this fall. Its cherry smell brings us back to childhood and its packaging is superb. But it’s especially its ultra-glossy finish that I love.

  • What makes the difference : it sufficiently hydrates dry lips.
  • My advice : You can apply the product alone, for a glossy and moisturizing effect, but you can also apply it on a matte lipstick to give it light.

Styling gel with olive oil, Ecostyle, 14 €
Slicked down hairstyles are popular and can save you if you have oily hair and can’t wash it. This gel leaves no white marks on my hair, it flattens it to perfection and hydrates it. It leaves a shiny and “clean” finish.

  • What makes the difference : it flattens the hair without drying it out.
  • My advice : take a dab of gel and warm it between your hands, then apply it in your hair at the level of the roots and knot your hair by brushing it well back.

Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer, Charlotte Tilbury, €52
With its hybrid texture, both creamy and powdery, this bronzer offers a perfect result. It instantly warms up the complexion without leaving streaks and blends perfectly into the skin.

  • What makes the difference : its texture, between powder and cream, which blends perfectly and is easy to apply.
  • My advice : I take the material with a kabuki with soft bristles and then I make circular movements directed towards the outside of the cheekbones.

The selection of Inès, 30 years old – Head of the feminine beauty section and Beauté Test

D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sun Drops, Drunk Elephant, €35
It’s my favorite product when I have a dull and tired complexion. I mix one or two drops with my day cream and my complexion is immediately fresher and slightly tanned! A little extra: the formula contains antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients (marula oils, cocoa extract, vitamin F)

  • What makes the difference : the healthy glow effect is natural and easily adjustable depending on the number of drops added to your treatment.
  • My advice : I also apply it in the neck and on the décolleté.

Lash & Brow Double Fix Mascara, Clarins, €26
A perfect 2-in-1 that fixes the eyebrows and enhances the eyelashes without creating a “cardboard” effect. It contains organic cranberry oil which protects eyelashes and eyebrows and strengthens them over time.

  • What makes the difference : it is applied on bare eyelashes (for a care and sheathing effect) or over the mascara to make it more resistant to water.
  • My advice : wait for the mascara to dry before applying it to the eyelashes, otherwise the brush will be stained.

Lift & Light bulbs, Coup d’Éclat, €7.40 (box of 3)
This product is simply brilliant if you need an express beautiful skin effect, before a party or an important appointment. I apply an ampoule on the face, neck and décolleté and my skin instantly looks smoother and brighter.

  • What makes the difference : the formula contains plant tensor active ingredients (Extracts of Acmella Oleracea, Sorghum Juice, Almonds, Red Algae)
  • My advice : Apply a little more product to marked or tired areas.
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