PHOTOS – Hair loss: alternative treatments to accelerate regrowth

PHOTOS – Hair loss: alternative treatments to accelerate regrowth

If you have been seeing your hair fall out more than normal for a few weeks, don’t panic, it’s… normal! We are in full change of season, the transition from winter to spring can have some consequences (other than hay fever) on our body. Seasonal hair loss (also called seasonal alopecia) is caused by a too brutal exposure to the sun’s rays which point their noses more as soon as the fine weather arrives. This drastic change sends a signal to the body that we are entering the summer phase and that it is time activate hair growth hormonesstimulated in the hot season.

To leave room for the new, the hair will fall more than usual (about 100 per day, against 60 on average). The only problem is that in some people this loss of mass can take time to renew itself… Fortunately, in addition to food supplements, there are very good solutions to remedy this. We asked for advice from Stephanie Sey, the “Gorgeous Partner Trichologist” of the Grow Gorgeous brand and specialist in hair loss.

Cutting your hair to speed up regrowth? a myth !

Stephanie Sey is clear on this point, cutting her hair to promote their regrowth is a myth to be deconstructed…”Cutting your hair doesn’t make it grow any faster because the hair grows from the root, not the ends. The reasons why haircuts are good for hair health is because they will preserve existing hair longer. They’ll keep the ends from fraying all the way through the hair so you don’t have to cut it even shorter!”. Alternative treatments that help hair regrowth: lhe world is changing and with it so are beauty techniques! Hair loss being an extremely delicate subject, science perpetuates active research in order to find lasting solutions with in-salon and at-home treatments

LED hair treatment or light therapy

Light therapy promises rapid hair regrowth and repair. How ? Using a device with LED bulbs and after diagnosis, the specialized machine will diffuse a cold light that stimulates cell renewal, heals the scalp, revitalizes the hair and improves its growth. An internal action that will act on the bulb and allow, in several sessions, a more than satisfactory result! To be certain of the treatment time and the points to be targeted, it is essential to make a diagnosis with an approved specialist, like the hairdresser Christope Nicola Biot who has made it his new specialty.

Hair cryotherapy

A technique found at the R Factory hair salon in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, is a vegan process that restores the hair fiber, heals the hair from the inside, brings shine, flexibility and helps regrowth. Cryotherapy creates a protective envelope around the hair fiber! The goal ? Protect the hair from external aggressions (such as friction from clothing, pollution, limestone, etc.) and allow it to regenerate as well as possible, become stronger and limit hair loss. The hair is fully repaired and protected for up to seven weeks!

Hair scrub

We rarely, if ever, think about it! Yet we should all include it in our hair routine. The scrub of the scalp will allow to unclog the dirt accumulated on the surface of the scalp, it purifies and cleanses the area to allow the bulbs to flourish! The massage effect during application will stimulate blood circulation and tone the roots. A real boost for regrowth. Be careful however, the hair scrub is practiced once or twice a month only to avoid aggression and increase excess sebum.

Herbal tea baths to boost regrowth

Yes it does exist, the herbal tea for hair does not necessarily drink (although it is possible). It is used in rinsing water after a hair care! Devance Cosmetics has made it its credo with its herbal teas Dynamic and Tonic Tea Rinse ideal for all hair types. Composed of a complex of plants that cleanses, tones the scalp and activates regrowth, they can also be added to the preparation of your home care!

Regular do-it-yourself massages

Before sleeping or before each shampoo, to stimulate hair regrowth, we activate the blood circulation of the scalp by massaging it. It’s not new, it’s even ancestral, but there’s nothing better! In addition to acting on regrowth, the cranial massage also reduce tension and stress throughout the body. For more efficiency, you can add an accessory such as a spiked roller, a special scalp stimulating brush or a relaxing quartz comb.

A cure of collagen to revive the hair and its regrowth.

1000 virtues are associated with collagen. Our body produces it naturally but over time its production weakens and needs an external boost! Marine or vegetable collagen proves to be a good complement to relaunch our internal production. It acts particularly on hair regrowth since it is one of the main components of the dermal papilla, an essential and vital part of the hair located at the root. The Vita Recherche brand offers a range Collagen Vital Hair & Nails specific for hair regrowth!

Keratin gummies

This is the trend of the moment, it must be said that between capsules that do not pass, the dubious taste of brewer’s yeast and other intolerances caused by certain supplements, keratin gummies are the ideal solution to get there. put. With their gelled appearance they look and taste like candy, but are good for our hair thanks to their formulation specially focused on hair growth.

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