Should I moisturize my oily skin?

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hydrate oily skin

We find a sebaceous gland in each of pores skin. This itself produces natural oils which is called the sebum. Indeed, it allows the skin to stay hydrated and healthy. However, in some cases, these small glands can start producing a little too much sebum. This is called the oily skin.

I have oily skin, why?

In order to regulate your skin’s sebum production, it is important to understand the cause of this overproduction.

A history of genetics

Oily skin tends to be hereditary. Indeed, if one of your parents has oily skin, it is very likely that you will inherit larger sebaceous glands.

The context in which you live

Although genetics plays a role in oily skin, where you live and the time of year can also be to blame.

Indeed, the hot, humid climates tend to exacerbate the problem. In many cases, the skin is oilier in the summer than in the fall or winter.

Dilated pores

Over time, the weight fluctuations and the presence of scarsthe pores tend to expand and produce more sebum.

hormone balance

Sebum production depends on hormone. Indeed, during theovulation for example, the level of progesterone is much higher and this leads to an overproduction of sebum. For their part, men tend to have oilier skin because of their androgen levels.

The use of care products that are not suitable for your skin

In fact, using the wrong beauty products can also lead to overproduction of sebum. it is important to consult a professional to create a routine of appropriate care to your skin type. it often happens that people mistake their oily skin for combination skin, and they use too rich and unsuitable products.

In conclusion, the choice of 100% adapted care products to your skin can make a huge difference to oil production.

An overly elaborate skincare routine

While it is important to choose the right products according to the needs of the epidermis, using too many products too often can make oily skin worse. Indeed, when you use products that are too astringent, or too scrubs, you deprive your skin of sebum. In this case, we can say that the skin goes into “emergency” mode and begins to produce even more, because it feels assaulted. Similarly, the fact of not putting sunscreen can also dry out the skin; it is therefore essential to use sunscreen every day.

It is not necessary to wash your face more than twice a day. Then, exfoliating products should only be used once a week.

Should I moisturize my skin, even if it’s oily?

Thinking your moisturizer is the cause of your oily skin is a legend. Besides, if you use an acne treatment that contains powerful active ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, you definitely need a quality moisturizer. In fact, without hydration, regardless of your skin type, your skin barrier will dry out and it will no longer be able to perform its protective function.

In summary, you should prefer a moisturizer with a texture gelledlighter and non-comedogenic. Read labels carefully and choose products preferably oil free.

Will my oily skin allow me to age less quickly?

The older we get, the more the skin tends to become sluggish : Loss of collagen, elasticity, pore dilation and reduced sebum production. Therefore, one of the advantages of having oily skin is that skin aging will not occur as quickly as on “normal” skin at dried.

The overproduction of sebum makes it possible over time to maintain a higher level of hydration than that of dry skin, thus minimizing the appearance of fine lines from dehydration. Plump skin effect guaranteed!

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