The Wolf Cut on wavy, curly or afro hair will be all right this fall! 10+ looks to find inspiration!

The Wolf Cut on wavy, curly or afro hair will be all right this fall!  10+ looks to find inspiration!

What haircut when you have wavy hair? Neither smooth nor curly, the wavy mane offers a thousand and one cut options to highlight your natural volume. So, which one to choose to be on top of the latest hair trends? The Wolf cut on wavy hair will be very fashionable this fall-winter 2022! And the proof is the fact that she has been spotted everywhere, both on the catwalks and on Instagram where the hashtag #wolfcut is constantly rising. Our experts take stock of this hybrid cut to help you adopt it on wavy, curly or afro hair! Focus!

The Wolf Cut cut, what is it and for whom?

cut wolf cut wavy hair before opinion curly afro with bangs fall 2022

Halfway between the Shag cut and the Mule cut, the Wolf cut continues to seduce beautistas. This hair obsession has been one of the most searched hair trends on the web for months. But what is it exactly? How can we define it? Well, as mentioned above, this is a hybrid cut, a subtle mix between Shag and Mullet cuts that features long, wispy bangs and layered lengths. That said, the Wolf cut is the perfect choice for girls with naturally wavy hair who want to give their curls some flair. Because the longer the mane, the heavier the hair mass. She then pulls the curls until they disappear. The solution ? A degraded cut like the Wolf cut.

cut wolf cut hair wavy at home curly video tutorial review

We tested it and we can confirm: the Wolf Cut suits everyone. However, layered cut is especially suitable for girls with wavy and curly hair. In fact, even Afro women can afford it. On the morpho side, it is perfect for softening square and long faces. It also makes it possible to refine oval and round faces. Another major advantage? It is a true hair ally for thin and sparse manes, which makes it an excellent choice for women aged 50 or over. Finally, the Wolf cut has the properties to rejuvenate and modernize any look. To find out if it would suit you, go to your hairdresser!

Yet another advantage of this trendy cut? It is relatively easy to make and style. In addition, it can be worn on long hair as well as on short hair, unlike its ancestors, the Shag cut and the Mule cut. So, without further ado, here is how to cut your wavy hair in a Wolf cut. It’s simple ! Follow the video!

wolf cut haircut wavy hair how to maintain

We have said it over and over again, the new favorite haircut for curly girls is very easy to maintain. To take good care of it, plan an appointment with your hairdresser every 3-4 months to refresh the tips and keep them in good shape. On the styling side, all you have to do is texturize it with a salt water spray. You can also wet it and twist it with your fingers. The idea? Flaunt a beautiful, voluminous mane without using heated appliances. To enhance your waves, opt for a leave-in mousse or cream that will hydrate the curls. Girls with straight hair can also succumb to the wavy Wolf cut trend by achieving a nice wavy effect with a straightener. To bring a more rock look to your hairstyle, there’s nothing like a good brushing on the fringe.

What Wolf Cut when you have wavy hair?

trend cut wolfcut woman wavy curly hair fall 2022

Wolf cut curly and long

wolf cut long curly wavy hair woman afro hairstyle trend fall winter 2022

How to adopt the Wolf cut on curly hair?

wolf cut woman curly hair frizzy afro hairstyle trend fall winter 2022

Blonde Wolf Cut on Afro Hair

woman cut afro wolf cut hair wavy blond curls

Wolf cut wavy in short version

wolf cut short wavy hair

Wolf cut ultra degraded with short bangs on red hair

cut wolf cut hair wavy gradient with short bangs red hair hairstyle

Wolf cut to enhance salt and pepper hair after 50

hairstyle wolf cut white wavy hair curly salt and pepper haircut idea woman 50 years plus

Wavy Wolf cut with curtain bangs and peach coloring

coloring idea wolf cut wavy hair strawberry blond hairstyle curly hair woman trend

Wolf cut wavy hair with wispy bangs

hairstyle woman curly hair wolf cut long degraded with bangs

Graduated Wolf cut to give relief to small curls

cut wolf cut woman curly hair afro degraded mid-length trend fall 2022

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