What are the best sunscreens for the body?

What are the best sunscreens for the body?

How to hydrate and protect your body against the sun’s rays?

The sun emits different light rays, including the famous ultraviolet (UV), which is made up of UVA, UVB and UVC. The first two have harmful impacts on the skin. It is true that the epidermis filters 85% of UVB, but 25% still reach the dermis. This phenomenon is the cause of tanning and sunburn. Ultimately, it can be carcinogenic. As for UVA rays, these rays penetrate deep into the skin. Half reaches the dermis, altering the cells of the skin, destroying collagen and elastin, which leads to its premature aging. Exposure to ultraviolet rays also causes the appearance of deep wrinkles, pigment spots and telangiectasias. So many reasons to protect your skin at every exposure, whether at the beach, in the city or in the mountains!

You should know that the skin reacts differently to the sun’s rays, because photosensitivity varies from one individual to another. The phototype or the quality of the skin’s response to light rays depends largely on the skin tone and the presence or absence of freckles.

  • Phototype I: very fair or milky skin, with numerous freckles, never tans;
  • Phototype II: fair skin, can become tanned, light or medium tan;
  • Phototype III: fair to dark skin, light or medium tan, possible presence of freckles;
  • Phototype IV: dark skin, no freckles, tans easily;
  • Phototype V: brown skin, no freckles, rarely burns and dark tan;
  • Phototype VI: black skin, does not burn.

To put it simply, the lighter your skin (phototype I and II), the more you risk sunburn, the higher your protection needs.

In order to filter UVA and UVB rays, nothing beats sunscreen! Their filtering power is expressed in protection index or SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The latter must be chosen according to the phototype and the level of solar radiation in your area. To choose among the various sunscreens offered by the laboratories, you can rely on this index:

  • Low protection = SPF 6
  • Medium protection = SPF 15
  • High protection = SPF 30
  • Very high protection = SPF 50+

To properly protect yourself from the effects of the sun on your skin, the first step is to avoid the hours when the radiation is most intense, namely between 12 noon and 4 p.m. In addition, it is not recommended to sunbathe on the beach all day. Whatever the season, apply a protective cream adapted to the level of sunshine and your skin type 20 minutes before going out in the sun. The application must be renewed every 2 hours and systematically after each swim. It is also essential to stay well hydrated.

Discover the best sunscreens to find the right formula for your skin.

Our choice: high protection melting spray SPF 50 150 ml

Ultraviolet rays, particularly UVA rays, can pass through the epidermis, causing premature skin aging. We have specially chosen for you this Nuxe high protection sun spray before exposing yourself to the sun. It stands out for its high protection factor (SPF 50) and its fluid texture, which makes it easy to apply.

This protective lotion from Nuxe is also resistant to water and perspiration. It offers you optimal protection during your outdoor sports activities. Suitable for all skin types, this sun spray is also formulated without paraben.

Spray sunscreen – SPF50+ – face and body – 100 ml

Are you looking for 100% natural sun protection that can be used by the whole family? Our team has unearthed for you this hypoallergenic sunscreen, formulated without preservatives or perfume Biarritz Laboratories. It forms a screen against UVA and UVB rays.

This SPF 50+ sun spray offers optimal protection against the effects of the sun on sensitive and fragile skin. It contains sunflower oil, renowned for its regenerating and moisturizing effect, and coconut oil with softening and protective properties. Red seaweed extract is known for its antioxidant properties.

Spray SPF 50+ – 200ml

Do you have sensitive skin? Remember to protect it against the harmful effects of solar radiation by applying this spray 200 ml SVR. We selected it because of its high protection factor (SPF 50+) and its easy-to-apply milky texture.

This solar spray from the SVR laboratory consists of 4 organic and photostable filters which form a protective layer against UVA and UVB rays. It can be applied on the body and face. Moreover, this sunscreen is suitable for babies’ skin.

Body sun spray SPF 50 – 150 ml

So that you can enjoy the sun with peace of mind, we advise you to cover your body with this Uv-Bronze solar spray from Filorga Laboratories. It forms a protective shield against UV rays to fight against the signs of skin aging. This formula is enriched with coconut oil which is renowned for its nourishing properties. Result: silky, soft skin protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Sunscreen oil for the body – 200 ml

For a gentle tan, we recommend this Bioderma Photoderm Bronz dry oil. It offers you optimal protection against sunburn while taking care of your skin. Indeed, this Bioderma tanning oil has an SPF 30 protection factor. Due to its antioxidant properties, it strengthens the skin barrier, which delays premature aging of the skin. This oil enriched with tanning complex is hypoallergenic and formulated without comedogenic, alcohol or parabens.

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