What is double hydration for beautiful skin?

What is double hydration for beautiful skin?

Who says change of season, says change of beauty routine. In summer, it is also essential to take special care of your skin, which is all the more weakened by the sun’s rays. And if to do this, you give in to double hydration? We tell you all about this skincare trend from Japan!

What is dual hydration?

If Japanese women are known for their incredible skin and their porcelain complexion, it is in particular because they follow the method of double hydration.

This technique is based on the layering principles of “Saho” ancestral beauty ritual. It is characterized by a double cleaning, double hydration and double application. Three important steps to help the skin regenerate naturally as well as strengthen the skin barrier (the one that protects us from external aggressions). This skincare routinepopularized by the Sensai cosmetics brand, promises a luminous complexion, as well as smooth and plumped skin.

The double hydration step consists of moisturizing then nourishing your skin, to give it a silky appearance.

As you will have understood, double hydration has, as its name suggests, two stages. It is carried out after a double cleaning, for more efficiency.

  • First step: moisturize with a lotion

On clean skin, apply using a cotton ball moisturizing lotion. This will allow to gorge it with water and thus to hydrate it in depth. The lotion will make the epidermis more supple and ready to receive care.

This type of product also helps to remove traces of limescale left by tap water. As well as to get rid of the rest of the impurities and dead skin, after cleaning.

Be careful, the moisturizing lotion is not to be rinsed off!

  • Second step: nourish the skin

Once the first step has been completed, we will nourish the skin and seal the hydration in the deepest layers of the epidermis, with a moisturizing emulsion light aqueous. This second treatment will allow the skin to revitalize itself as well asimprove the radiance of the complexion.

The right things to do after double hydration

After completing these two steps, you can move on to the famous layering. Or, superimpose on his skin, thin layers of products, such as a serum, a eye contour care and an day cream or at night, to complete the beauty ritual. Be careful to ensure that all treatments are compatible, to avoid allergic reaction.

Of course, if you follow the trend of skinimalism, you can add only one cream. But that’s what many Japanese women do to have such radiant skin.

Another essential part of their routine? L’facial self-massage and therefore, the step of dual application. This consists of gently massaging the skin, then applying light pressure. The objective is to plump up the epidermis, stimulate cell renewal and blood circulation. This is similar to the principle of Jello Skinthe latest trend for a plump skin like a jelly!

So, ready to include dual hydration in your routine?

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