Which beauty boxes to choose for Mother’s Day?

Which beauty boxes to choose for Mother's Day?

What should a beauty box contain?

A beauty box is a perfect gift whether for a birthday or Mother’s Day. It includes many elements, a pleasure for the person who receives it! By definition, this type of box is made up of beauty products. Please note that the beauty boxes can be organized by theme or by type of recipient. In any case, it is possible to personalize them. However, there are models including classic cosmetics such as perfume, shampoo, shower gel or bubble bath. The most complete beauty sets even offer moisturizing milk and body scrubs, or masks or lotions suitable for all skin types. It is also possible to find there the necessary for the make-up. Often, in addition, you are entitled to a pocket or a small storage basket.

If your mom is always in a hurry, give her a basic box for a quick makeover. In order to have smooth skin and limit the effects of aging, a beauty routine must contain moisturizing milk. Cleopatra was a fan of donkey milk baths. For good reason, this treatment rich in vitamins and trace elements nourishes and heals the skin. Today, you will find freeze-dried donkey’s milk that your mum can mix in her bath. Almond milk is a great alternative.

Since the skin, especially that of the hands, is subject to external aggressions, it is essential to pamper it. It begins with a gentle scrub that is both cleansing and exfoliating. This treatment is performed once a week. Pay particular attention to the joints, wrists and around the nails.

At the end of the week, your mom will surely love a leg massage to stimulate venous return. For this ritual, opt for a box containing sesame or macadamia nut oil. Both are renowned for their softening, draining and toning properties. Don’t forget the feet. Made up of many nerve endings, they require special attention. After wringing the feet with a hot sponge, apply a restorative cream, insisting on the heels. Then wrap a hot towel around the feet for 5 minutes to get a feeling of well-being.

In order to renew the cells, bet on a shower gel containing sea water. As you know, this one is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements which provide the skin with the elements it needs to regenerate. .

What are you waiting for to find the beauty box to offer your little mom from our selection?

Our Pick: Argan Oil Bath Set for Women

So that your mum can enjoy a pure moment of delicately scented relaxation, give her this Luxury Argan Oil bath set Gloss. We have selected this ideal gift for all circumstances, whether it is Mother’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. It contains a 270ml shower gel, a 270ml bubble bath, a 40g soap, a 50ml body scrub, a 100ml body spray and 200g bath salts.

This Gloss care and beauty set will allow your mother to enjoy all the benefits of argan oil. The latter preserves the hydration of the skin while softening it. In addition, this oil is renowned for its vitamin E content and its various fatty acids.

Rose fragrance bath and care set, 6 pieces

Looking for an original gift for your mom? We recommend this Spa Luxetique bath and treatment set. It is a perfect combination of nourishing formulas and an intoxicating fragrance.

This Spa Luxetique set includes a hand cream, a body cream, a bubble bath, a shower gel and a soap. Each treatment contains natural ingredients and rose essential oils. They’re also enriched with Coconut, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The pack includes a reusable linen drawstring bag so your mom can take her beauty essentials on the go.

Organic gift box 5 x 30 ml – Vegan and natural products

If you are looking for a gift allowing your mother or partner to carry out a perfect beauty ritual, our team offers you this Satin Naturel body care set.

This premium gift set is packaged in an attractive black box with a red satin interior. It includes a box of organic shea butter and different oils (argan, sweet almond, castor and jojoba) contained in 30 ml glass travel bottles. These organic ingredients have been selected because of their anti-aging properties. They are suitable for body and hair. In addition, Satin Naturel hair and body care does not contain parabens or sulphates.

Beauty box with floral notes

If your mum or spouse loves the sweet scent of flowers, make her happy on Mother’s Day by giving her this Nuxe La Fête en Rose gift box. We have selected this treatment because it can be used in summer and winter alike, on the hair, face and body.

This Nuxe gift set includes a prodigious oil of 100 ml, a perfume of 15 ml and a shower gel of 100 ml. Each treatment gives off floral notes that leave no one indifferent.

Anti-aging care kit for all skin types

La Provençale is a certified organic care brand made from olive oil. Among its offers, we recommend this Jouvence care kit to moisturize and fight against the signs of skin aging.

This beauty set includes three facial treatments whose combined action reduces the effects of aging. Jouvence cream is applied in the morning to the face and neck to moisturize the skin. On the eye contour, place a dose of Jouvence oil to reduce dark circles and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. In the evening, the Jouvence balm nourishes the epidermis.

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