Why apply its care on clean and dry skin?

Why apply its care on clean and dry skin?

“Apply to clean, dry skin”. This mention, which can be found on most of the packaging of serums, face creams or even treatment masks, raises questions as much as it seems obvious. It turns out that this gesture has all its importance. France Saloio, Director of the Bodyminute training school, explains why.

Clean and dry skin: the guarantee of effective care

“By cleansing your skin in the morning and in the evening, you gets rid of impurities accumulated over the course of the day or night: pollution particles, traces of sebum, dead cells, make-up residue, etc…” This is the best way to re-oxygenate the epidermis and make it more permeable to active ingredients provided during our care routine. And why shouldn’t the skin be wet when applying a product? “Whatever the galenic of the cream or the mask, the texture will blend in more on dry skin, again promoting better penetration of the treatment.” Only exception: if you use an aqueous serum, you can leave a little moisture without risking losing effectiveness.

What are the risks of applying a product to uncleansed skin?

Dead cells, impurities, toxins or excess sebum accumulate and end up remaining on the surface, preventing the natural renewal of the skin, especially in the evening. Nothing very serious at times. But if you do not clean your skin well enough regularly, this excess sebum and impurity becomes the favorite breeding ground for bacteria. In the medium term, we risk seeing the appearance of blemishes and pimples. In the longer term, this can impact the entire cutaneous ecosystem with skin that thickens and becomes duller.

Before applying a cosmetic treatment, such as serum, cream or mask, “the skin must have been cleansed beforehand with a cotton pad impregnated with a make-up remover lotion or a micellar water at least. It is not at all mandatory to rinse it because the impurities will be removed from the cotton with the surfactants. Only those who do not support the film effect or the tugging that this product can leave on the surface of the skin can rinse it by spraying a little thermal water.” If you have time, emulsify a cleansing gel adapted to your skin type, dry, combination to oily, sensitive or mature.” Then dry your face well with a towel to remove all traces of water. This is how we will ensure a perfect application, very uniform of the care, but also an optimal absorption of its active ingredients.”

But beware. No need to overdo it! If you clean your skin too intensively, by rubbing or with unsuitable products, you end up altering the hydrolipidic film. The epidermis will then become more sensitive and reactive.

Exfoliation, the extra gesture for better absorption of care

“A good cleaning is enough for everyday life. However, the fact of carrying out a face scrub once a week will promote the penetration of the active ingredients and make the treatment even more effective by eliminating more dead cells and sebum, and by activating the blood microcirculation”, indicates the professional. “It may be interesting to use in between a small face brush silicone to emulsify the cleansing gel. This clever tool daily removes dead cells and gently unclogs pores, for gentle exfoliation.”

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