Young entrepreneurs end their summer in style in Sherbrooke

Justin Fournier, the little creative recycler, exhibits his headbands, purses and magnets.

The talent of young Sherbrooke entrepreneurs was honored on Sunday at the Marché de la gare de Sherbrooke. More than thirty of them exhibited their products throughout the day, to the delight of visitors.

During this big gathering at the end of the season, the children also received their diplomas and participated in the draw for scholarships. Several visitors came to encourage them in the pursuit of their dreams.

This summer, while playing sports, I injured myself. I could no longer exercise. So, I did that quite a bit all my summer. I made a very big turnover, yes, confided Justin Fournier, 12 years old, a lover of the transformation of objects, known as the Little creative recycler.

The magnets are selling very well.

Justin Fournier, young entrepreneur

Justin Fournier, the little creative recycler, exhibits his headbands, purses and magnets.

The little creative recycler, Justin Fournier. Photo: Radio-Canada/Jean Arel

He makes magnets, yes, but also purses and headbands. Later, Justin wants to have his own business.

I wanted to build a pizzeria with my cousins ​​when I was very young. After that, when I grew up, I wanted to become a robotics engineer.

Annie Godbout launched the Experience Jeun’Entreprendre project. She is delighted with the season experienced by the 32 young participants.

People like to develop projects. It’s really a nice family project over the years. That’s what I seeshe said.

It’s an experience that we want to give them, to discover themselves, to discover their passions.

Annie Godbout, initiator of the Jeun’Entreprendre Experience

Ariane Deslions on stage with a musician.

An Ariane Deslions show took place on site. Photo: Radio-Canada/Jean Arel

A family project is what the twins Laetitia and Lauriane Ruette have achieved by writing two books.

One evening, I was in the fifth year of primary school, I said to myself that I wanted to write a book. I took my parent’s computer and started writing in a Word file, it looks like this. I decided to create two characters. One evening, Lauriane saw what I was doing and she asked me if she could participate and we started writing the story together.

It takes two years. The first volume took us 10 to 12 years and for the second, we were 12 to 14 years old.

Lauriane Ruette, young author

The whole family was involved in the writing of these two books. Their parents were of great help during the steps that followed the writing.

My wife Geneviève took care of the editing of the books and I participated a lot in the correctionexplains Sébastien Ruette, father of the young authors.

Three craftswomen exhibiting jewelry.

These three little girls make jewelry of all kinds. Photo: Radio-Canada/Jean Arel

Mainly, young entrepreneurs gave themselves confidence by developing their products.

I would like to have a small shop in the Magdalen Islands and probably sell earrings or jewelry, because I really like the Magdalen Islands. We’ve been going there every year for four yearssaid Frédéricke Lépine, 9 years old.

According to the report by Jean Arel

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