10 express facial treatments for instant beauty

10 express facial treatments for instant beauty

Do magic wand effect facial treatments really exist?

Stress, pollutionlack of sleep end up dulling the complexion and slowing cell regeneration. Result: accelerated aging, grayish mine, dark circles and small pimples. Without going through the Institute box, the editorial staff has selected these 10 flash products, with visible effects in just a few minutes… For an immediate “wow effect” glow!

Estée Lauder and her patches against dark circles

From mini-patches to maxi-effects! Estee Lauder has developed a genius recipe, equipped with technology Advanced Night Repairitself enriched with serum ChronoluxCB™, to fight against dark circles, wrinkles and wrinkles. Highly concentrated, they intensely refresh and smooth the eyes.

Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Eye Patches


Estee Lauder via Sephora.fr

Polaar and its cold effect roll-on

Enriched with Siberian Ginseng extracts, known for its energizing and draining benefits, the Polaar roll-on instantly decongests the eyes. Its tip, equipped with a small icy ball, massages and smoothes the eye contour. Its advantage: it promotes the growth of eyelashes thanks to its cilbooster active. A compact format to take anywhere and use without moderation.

Polaar – Roll-On Icy Magic

31 €

Polaar via Sephora

Dior and its energizing sorbet mist

In order to keep its elasticity, the skin needs water. In this blue bottle, Dior has condensed a sorbet mist, with highly hydrating, refreshing and energizing properties. The micro-drops penetrate deep into the epidermis, for an immediate result. To be sprayed morning and evening, during the beauty routine or as a finishing touch.

Dior – Hydra Life Energizing Sorbet Mist


Dior via Nocibe

Clarins and its tensor beauty balm

There is magic in this tube. Composed of 96% ingredients fromnatural originthis balm signed Clarins, masks the signs of fatigue from its first use. It can be completed with a cream for enhanced hydration, or mixed with a tinted cream for a healthy glow effect. Its plus: it lays down in a thick layer for 10 minutes to become a face mask.

Clarins – Flash beauty balm with tensor effect

44 €

Clarins through Sephora

Charlotte Tilbury and her mask inspired by cryotherapy

Ten minutes chrono: this is the exposure time for this icy mask for a boost of freshness. Inspired by cutting-edge techniques from cryotherapy – method that allows rejuvenate by cold – this flexible silicone mask is an ally anti-aging powerful. For better results, metal beads massage pressure areas (forehead, chin, cheekbones). Tip: place in the freezer for 30 minutes for maximum lifting effect.

Charlotte Tilbury – Cryo-Recovery Face Mask

46 €

Charlotte Tilbury through Sephora

Garancia and its water cream full of moisturizing active ingredients

The tomato has virtues on the whole body. She proved it to us again with this treatment with tomato pulp extract. Ingested, it acts like antioxidant, lowers hypertension and fights bad fats. On the face, it boosts the Sun tanning, cleanses and purifies the skin while moisturizing it. A guaranteed good-looking treatment, enriched with the Autohydraclic® concept, developed by the brand’s laboratories. The foundation is optional thanks to this water cream!

Garancia – Diabolique Tomato Healthy Glow Water Cream

33 €

Garancia via Sephora

Sisley and its light-reflecting tinted gel

Suitable for all skin tones, this gel-textured treatment attracts light thanks to its reflective sensors. Enriched with plant extracts, this tinted cream with copper highlights enhances the complexion, while providing optimal hydration. A tanned complexion as when returning from vacation!

Sisley – Phyto-touch tinted gel

76 €€64.60

Sisley via Sephora

mesoestetic® and its anti-aging flash ampoules

Equipped with powerful star active ingredients to fight against the signs of aging, bulbs mesoestetic® are in themselves a cure of youth. The recipe for this miracle cocktail with immediate effect: collagen, elastin and mimosa tenuiflora extract. Apply twice a day, upon waking and at bedtime, on the face and low-cut.

mesoestetic® – Anti-aging flash ampoules

Coup d’Éclat and its triple action bulbs

This treatment beauty unidose acts as a powerful anti-wrinkle. It has a triple action: tensor, smoother and booster. Enriched with biopolymers of almond protein, acmella oleracea and provitamin B5, expression lines are instantly lifted for 8 hours. A treatment that lives up to its name!

Coup d’Éclat – Complexion lifting beauty ampoules

€27.9022,42 €

Radiance boost via Shop Pharmacy

Galénic and its tightening effect in 3 minutes

Its concentrated clay mineral powder formula visibly reduces the signs of aging in just 3 minutes. Multi-zone, it targets bags under the eyes, camouflages forehead wrinkles and fine lines around the lips. An ideal pocket size for last-minute touch-ups.

Galénic – Express tensor gel


Galenic via Nocibé

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