Acne: the 10 most effective treatments for skin with imperfections validated by dermatologists

Acne: the 10 most effective treatments for skin with imperfections validated by dermatologists

Do you have skin with imperfections and are you looking for effective care that will help you heal it? We reveal to you the most effective and suitable cosmetics, approved by a panel of dermatologists.

In the world of beauty, there are countless references. And sometimes, it is even difficult to know which products to turn to. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to see more clearly: read Here is of course, but also to take stock of prize lists and other awards Of the industry.

After the Best Organic Productthem CEW Beauty Awards and the Victories of Beauty, it’s the turn of the famous American magazine Women’s Health to highlight the most effective products of 2021, in several categories.

Today we take a closer look to acne-prone skin, with the most effective cosmetics, acclaimed by 12 subject matter experts : of the dermatologists mainly, but also two founders of skincare brands.

The 10 most effective products for skin with imperfections

It is nice to see a multitude of cosmetic products on social networks, there is nothing more reassuring than a product, recommended by a dermatologist. Finally if, a product recommended by 12 dermatologists !

You have the skin to acne tendency ? It is now well anchored in our minds: acne has no age. It is not reserved for adolescent skin. Just look at the number of 40-year-old women who consult their dermatologist for a unwanted pimples. Acne is also not reserved with oily skin, quite the contrary. If you seek to know the causes ofappearance of your pimplesdo not hesitate to try face mapping technique ! And to get rid of your imperfectionsturn to the 10 best cosmetics for fight against acneacclaimed by many professionals.

  1. The best cleanser for acne-prone skin: cleanser with salicylic acid from home Cera Ve ($9.87 for 237ml on Amazon)
  2. The best tonic for acne-prone skin: toning serum Clarifying from home Bliss (18€ for 130ml on BeautyBay)
  3. The best exfoliating for acne-prone skin: exfoliating lotion daily 2% BHA from home Paula’s Choice (currently at €30.60 for 118ml)
  4. The best serum for acne-prone skin: pearl serum HydroBoost at thehyaluronic acid from home Neutrogena (€10.90 for 30ml)
  5. The best mask for acne-prone skin: the survival mask for problem skin out of trouble from home Origins (€26 for 75ml at Sephora)
  6. The best accessory for acne-prone skin: the LED mask SpectraLite FaceWare Pro from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare (€430 at Net-a-porter)
  7. The best eye cream for acne-prone skin: eye cream gel HydroBoost from home Neutrogena (currently at €9.05 for 15ml)
  8. The best care moisturizer for acne-prone skin: the moisturizer oil-regulating anti-shine and anti-dilated pores Effaclar Matt of La Roche Posay (€11.90 for 40ml at Nocibé)
  9. The best Solar cream for acne-prone skin: sunscreen mineral SPF 35 from home Versed (€19.99 for 50ml)
  10. The best treatment for blackheads for acne-prone skin: serum withglycolic acid Good Genes from home sunday riley (95€ for 100ml at Sephora)

So 10 products that make you want to revolutionize our skincare routine ! If you have a blemished skin we are sure: you will inevitably find your happiness!

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