[ Appel 28 septembre ] The right to abortion must be recognized as a fundamental right everywhere and all the time

[ Appel 28 septembre ] The right to abortion must be recognized as a fundamental right everywhere and all the time

In the United States, the Supreme Court dared last June to question the right to abortion, which will now depend on the various States. To date, 18 states already prohibit abortion or are in the process of doing so, four are reducing its access. Women coming from Ukraine at war, refugees in Poland, are denied a right to which they had access in their country. Even in Europe, this right is still denied to women in Poland, Malta, Andorra and Monaco. It is considerably hampered in Spain and Italy by the large number of doctors who take refuge behind their conscience clause to exercise a refusal of care when abortion is a right. abortlesfemmesdecident@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/abortioneurope Collective Abortion in Europe, women decide Women in Latin America, from Ecuador to Peru via El Salvador and Brazil, fight tirelessly to wrest this right, harshly repressed. The Argentinians and the Colombians won it after a hard fight. The majority of women in Africa and the Middle East live in countries where abortion is completely prohibited or very restrictive.

Abortion is a right that is still under attack!

In France, access to abortion is prevented by the closure of local maternity wards and therefore of centers for Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy, reductions in the budgets allocated to feminist associations, the double conscience clause which persists and the delays which are more restrictive than in other European countries and still force women to have abortions abroad! A law of February 2022 endorsed the fact that midwives can perform “instrumental” abortions, but the implementing decrees have still not been published! In France, in Europe and in the world, reactionary political forces of the right, of the extreme right, religious fundamentalists, are determined to prevent women from having abortions. They aim to perpetuate patriarchal control over women’s bodies. It is high time to guarantee the right to abortion by enshrining it in the French Constitution and in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights!

Abortion is a fundamental right that every woman should be able to benefit from!

Let us demand firm commitments, dedicated human and financial resources so that women everywhere can abort freely, free of charge, and in complete safety! Women’s rights to control their bodies, the right to health, sexual and reproductive rights are fundamental rights. They contribute to the full realization of all other rights and to the emancipation of all!


First signatories: ANCIC, ANSFO, CADAC, CGT, CNDF, les Dyonisiennes, les Effronté.es, Women Equality, Women in Solidarity, FSU, LDH, LFI, LFID, Maison des femmes de Montreuil, Maison des femmes de Paris, Marche Women’s World France, OLF, We Stop All, NPA, Family Planning, Family Planning 94, PCF, Las Rojas, StopVOG, South PTT, South Social Health, Union Syndicale Solidaires, Women and girls are still dying in the world because they cannot safely abort. Others are imprisoned for many years. This constitutes a violation of human rights that we will continue to fight at the international level.

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