Can you use micellar water on your hair?

Can you use micellar water on your hair?

How far would you be willing to go to have soft hair? On TikTok, Internet users are full of tips for taking care of their hair, and the latest features a product … For the face. But this time, it’s not a moisturizing serum to use on the ends, but a make-up remover.

Micellar water to wash your hair

Yes, you saw correctly: on your For You Page, you are now likely to come across women and men who wash their hair withmicellar water, a product usually used for To wash one’s face gently and remove makeup without damaging her sensitive skin. But is this type of product effective for washing hair? The answer is yes !

Micellar water is indeed a product that contains micelles, molecules that have the gift of attracting impurities to better eliminate them. It works with make-up, with pollution, with perspiration… But also visibly with the sebum in the roots, just like with the residues of the different hair products you use. According to the followers of this new technique for washing hair, micellar water is the ideal product to avoid having the greasy hairand regain clean, soft and healthy-looking hair.

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Which micellar water to choose for your hair?

But be careful, using micellar water does not mean giving up shampoo. The technique is actually as follows:

  • Spray your scalp with micellar water
  • Massage the product into the roots
  • Make one or two shampoos with your usual product
  • Apply a mask on the lengths to hydrate them

The result ? Clean, soft hair that regreases less quickly. For hairstylist Dereq Clarck, the effectiveness of micellar water on hair is not surprising: “Glycerin is also a key ingredient in micellar water, making it more hydrating for hair and scalp.“, he explains to Real Simple, before specifying that many hair products already contain micelles. Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner confirms for his part to the same publication: “Micellar water is an extremely gentle product, it can be used on all hair types, even on chemically treated hairdry hair or brittle hair.”

It remains to know which one to choose. Our recommendation? L’Nuxe Very Rose 3-in-1 soothing micellar water, a treatment composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin that will leave a delicious smell of rose on your hair. A real pleasure.

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