Face ampoules: instructions for beautiful skin

Face ampoules: instructions for beautiful skin

In the family of skincare treatments, I ask for the face blisters. Less used than serums or creams, ampoules are nevertheless full of many benefits for our skin. This is also one of the beauty secrets of celebrity makeup artists for a radiant complexion. Zoom on this cosmetic that you will soon not be able to do without.

Why include ampoules in a beauty routine?

The ampoules are characterized by small vials rich in ultra-beneficial and effective ingredients for the skin. By way of comparison, they are much more concentrated in active ingredients than classic serums.

In the long term, they help to improve the health of the skin and to delay premature skin aging, by stimulating the production of collagen. In the short term, they bring a boost of radiance to the face and help to instantly reduce the signs of fatigue.

They also help maximize the effectiveness of other skin care products. These are products often used by make-up artists before fashion shows or photo shoots.

Most often, the ampoules are used in the form of a cure, for 15 days or even a month. However, some people include it in their daily beauty routine (especially those who practice layering).

Either way, the principle of application is the same. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Perform a double cleaningwith an oil texture then a cream or gel texture
  • Apply a tonic lotion on your face
  • Break the neck of the ampoule, pour the product into the palm of your hand then, with your fingertips, apply it to the face and neck
  • You can perform small circular massages or simply tap to make the active ingredients penetrate.
  • Wait about 3 minutes, the time for the skin to absorb the product well.
  • Then apply your moisturizer

The trick of the pros? Use only half of the ampoule when preparing the skin and mix the rest with foundation for even more radiance.

It may also be recommended to use facial ampoules immediately after a peel. The pores are open and the concentration of active ingredients will be able to better penetrate the epidermis, to nourish the skin in depth.

Face ampoules: which one to choose?

Today, there are plethora of facial ampoules on the market. As for your daily care, it is advisable to define your needs before choosing the treatment of ampoules that you need. Do you need shine? Extra hydration? An anti-aging treatment?

You can also opt for bulbs of the same brand as your other cosmetics.

On our side, we recommend the Coup d’Écla facelift bulbst. Their reputation is second to none, they are THE reference in terms of facial ampoules. They tighten the lines, reduce the signs of fatigue and offer a glowing complexion in a few seconds. They are ideal as an “SOS” treatment after a short night or before an important event.

If you want to act on the signs of aging, you can opt for Biotherm Life Plankton Plumping Ampoules. This is an intensive cure of eight vials for plump up the skin and fill in wrinklesfor visibly younger looking skin.

On damaged skin, ampoules are recommended Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This oil treatment helps reduce visible signs of irritation, replenish and soothe the skin. Use when the skin is under stress.

Finally, we know, menstrual cycle has an impact on the appearance of the skin. Payot offers a cure of 9 vials to start on the first day of menstruation, to rebalance the skin and appease him during this period.

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