Massage, sauna… Here are 3 must-try places to take care of yourself

Massage, sauna... Here are 3 must-try places to take care of yourself

After a long day of work, weeks of metro-work-sleep or simply out of desire, booking an appointment at an institute to enjoy a treatment fills us with joy. A comforting massage to release tension, a moment in a sauna to warm up your body and eliminate toxins or even a facial treatment to restore your eternal youth… Take care of yourself, how good does it feel! To take advantage of these small pleasures, we go to the institutes which put the small dishes in the big ones in order to offer us a real enchanted parenthesis. We then savor this hour for ourselves and we let go.

3 addresses in Paris to take care of yourself

Do you want to offer yourself a comforting care during this gloomy autumn? We have unearthed the three ideal addresses for take care of yourself. On the program: infrared at Bellemean incredible massage from the side of the institute The Hanging Gardens and an amazing beauty journey with the energizing ritual ofSee My Cosmetics Institute. You will love !

Massage The Gardens of Kerala – The Hanging Gardens

To enjoy a tropical getaway and replenish your vital energy, head to The Hanging Gardens ! Through the massage Kerala Gardens, savor a 60-minute journey to the heart of India that will lead you to total relaxation. This incredible full-body treatment reduces stress, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscle joints. A parenthesis that restores harmony between soul and body, for a pure hour of well-being. Everything we love !

Kerala Gardens60 minutes, €90 for subscribers or €100 for non-subscribers.

The Korean Energizing Ritual – The Institute See My Cosmetics

Savor a beauty journey, signed SeeMywhich combines the korean lift with energizing Korean care, using ingredients from ancestral rituals (Ginseg, sake and other secrets). This treatment, ideal for treating acne and pigment spots, evens out the complexion thanks to an oxygenating cleansing ritual that will revitalize your skin and bring out all its radiance. Acupressure maneuvers offer sensory drainage to redefine the oval of the face. We come out more dazzling than ever.

The Korean Energizing Ritual, €250.

The infrared sauna – Belleyme

Belleme proposes to relax in a somewhat special sauna: the heating system works thanks to infrared radiation. Harmless, it is beneficial for health and completely natural. These infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissues and warm the body, unlike the classic sauna, which uses stove heat to warm the surrounding air. The lower temperature allows for a longer session that will purify the body and skinand alloweliminate toxins and heavy metals.

To end your session in style, enjoy a matcha tea with CBD by Huages, in the coffee area of ​​this coffee shop dedicated to well-being.

Infrared sauna, 50 minutes (including 30 minutes infrared sauna, €45.

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