Massage tools that take care of body and mind (naturally)

Massage tools that take care of body and mind (naturally)

The HoliBeauty Tool is a self-massage tool for the face, inspired by traditional Chinese facial reflexology practices known for its calming and relaxing properties. It provides a deep feeling of calm and is ideal for everyday ailments. Composed of a roller encrusted with germanium balls, a rare metal which promotes the elimination of toxins and which, combined with the mechanical action of the balls, tones the lower face and neck. At its end, a tip in natural rose quartz stone, with smoothing and regenerating properties, stimulates the energy points. “HoliBeautyTool”, HOLIDERMY. 45 euros. Available at Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris.

Developed by Spa Clarins expertise, this two-in-one massage accessory, inspired by an ancestral Chinese technique, hugs the contours of the face. The roller promotes microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. After use, the decongestant effect is immediate, the skin is lifted, plumper, the complexion is luminous, the oval of the face is redrawn. “Eclair Resculpting Roller”, CLARINS. 49 euros.

Combined with a cream or serum, this clever “gua sha” offers the skin maximum benefits thanks to its three-in-one technology. It combines several modes of action: vibrations, heat and red LED light. Very quickly, the face regains radiance, the features are smoothed, the skin seems plumped. Ultra flat, it slips everywhere in all circumstances. “It’s Lit – Smart Facial Messenger”, SOLARIS LABORATORIES NY. 85 euros. On sale at

The jewelry designer Nawal Laoui, founder of the Persée house, extends her passion for stones with a jewelry collection that takes care of the skin: lithotherapy (therapy with stones). Your choice of rollers and/or gua sha available in seven healing stones (amethyst, white or pink quartz, jade, etc.). Here, this gua sha in obsidian, a volcanic rock composed of silica, known as the stone of truth, stimulates circulation and promotes healing. The lymphatic massage it provides detoxifies the epidermis and boosts the production of collagen. Very quickly, fine lines are smoothed, puffiness and dark circles reduced, the complexion is luminous, the contours of the face are redrawn. “Gua Sha”, obsidian, PERSEUS. 50 euros.

This knife, to be placed in the refrigerator beforehand in order to capture the benefits of the cold and increase the decongestant and relaxing effect, is ideal for draining the legs, stomach and arms. By stimulating blood circulation, it helps fight against water retention and cellulite, while promoting the elimination of toxins. Very quickly, the skin becomes silky and firmer. “Ice Knife”, FACIOLOGY. 65 euro.

This massage brush rids the scalp of dead cells and daily impurities. Through its mechanical action, it stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal while optimizing hair growth. “Scalp Brush”, SACHAJUAN. €14.95.

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