Naturopathy: Well documented to take better care of yourself!

Naturopathy: Well documented to take better care of yourself!

Very fashionable, naturopathy and aromatherapy are attracting more and more people in search of gentler treatments. If it is proven that certain plants and essential oils have virtues and make it possible to relieve many evils, their use is to be taken with precaution. To prevent certain dangers, it is better to be well informed! To do this, we trust the experts at Essentiel des Huiles with our eyes closed. On this perfectly documented site, professional naturopaths in practice deliver many tips for integrating essential oils into your daily life. Body care, hair care, stress reduction, sleep improvement, joint pain… Aromatherapy can come to the rescue of many pains. Although essential oils are experiencing a resurgence of interest, it is however necessary to be careful in their use and to take into account the dosage as well as the person to whom it is administered. For example, grapefruit essential oil, recognized for its calming and digestive properties, but also recommended as a slimming product for its lipolytic and detoxifying activity, cannot be administered to breastfeeding women or children under 3 years of age, just like noble chamomile essential oil, which helps soothe the nerves and has an effect on sleep.

Properties and contraindications clearly indicated

On Essentiel des Huiles, each oil, essential or vegetable, is clearly listed so as not to get lost. We therefore find the properties of each depending on whether it acts on beauty, well-being or health, but also the possible synergies with other oils in order to increase their effectiveness in this or that area. In order not to be mistaken in the dosages, equally simple recipes are given according to the expected effects. Finally, very readable pictograms list how to use the oil (bath, diffusion, oral route, inhalation, etc.) and who it is for! It is therefore impossible to get lost! Everything is therefore done to simplify our understanding as much as possible and thus avoid errors.

If the site is already extremely well documented, it will offer in the coming weeks videos made by professional naturopaths and will allow you to train in aromatherapy and to perfectly master the 8 main oils in order to be able to integrate them into your daily life. If they are as well done as the site, these videos promise to be exciting and very entertaining!

Naturopathy for global care

Aromatherapy being only a small part of naturopathy, in order to heal more globally, we look at naturopathy. This natural medical approach can relieve, but also prevent certain ailments by adopting the lifestyle that best suits your body. Micro-nutrition, gemmotherapy, meditation, psychology… on Nature Au Quotidien, you will find a host of simple and complete advice provided by professionals that will allow you to relieve cholesterol problems, digestive disorders, infections or even joint problems. Here, the information is deliberately simplified and fun, with the use of quizzes, in particular so that the less experienced readers do not lose their footing and want to continue in their knowledge of the world of naturopathy!

So, before you get started, don’t hesitate to take valuable advice on Daily Nature and Essential Oils!

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