Ozalys: a company committed AGAINST cancer and FOR the employability of the women concerned

Ozalys: a company committed AGAINST cancer and FOR the employability of the women concerned

Ozalys offers a range of treatments combining efficiency and absolute safety for all, at the essential moments of life: adolescence, pregnancy, cancer, menopause. On the occasion of Pink October, Ozalys recalls its societal commitment. As a business leader and aware that work is a key element in rebuilding oneself after cancer, Isabelle Guyomarch, founder of the Ozalys Laboratory, is committed to paying special attention to people affected by the disease, and tirelessly innovates at the heart of its factories.

Even as the number of people living or having lived through the ordeal of cancer continues to increase, the employment figures are frightening:

  • 1 person out of 3 employed at the time of cancer diagnosis no longer works 2 years later (Statistics from the VICAN 2 survey on living conditions two years after cancer, carried out by INCA in partnership with Inserm and the 3 main health insurance plans)
  • 1 in 3 unemployed people find a job within two years of diagnosis
  • 92% of people who lost their job lost it within 15 months of diagnosis

Our group employs 250 people, 80% of whom are women. I was keen to implement concrete actions for people affected by the disease. Since science is progressing, the professional world must accompany it, learn to work with patients and play its role in terms of prevention. explains Isabelle Guyomarch, founder of Laboratoire Ozalys.

Ozalys: Cancer@Work certified company

Convinced that maintaining a professional activity, during and after often very long care pathways, is essential but that accommodations are necessary, Isabelle Guyomarch has put people at the center of her business strategy, and developed systems that promote employability of patients and their inclusion within the company. His group is a member of Cancer@Work, the first business club dedicated to the subject of cancer and illness at work.

Preserving the social life and professional life of sick people

With its innovative workshop, “the bubble”, where management and work are adapted, Ozalys allows its employees to maintain and resume their professional activity during and after the ordeal of cancer.

Reduce environmental risk factors for cancer

Night shift work leads to a disruption of the circadian rhythm. It is now classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a probable risk factor for cancer (IARC-vol-124-carcinogenicity of post-night work), particularly of the breast.

Recourse to night work in industry cannot therefore be trivialised. Ozalys, a societal company, prohibits night work, including for economic reasons.

Isabelle Guyomarch, cancer-survivor and daring entrepreneur

After a career of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she was at the head of a French cosmetics industrial group when, at the age of 45, she developed aggressive stage 3 breast cancer. Three years later, Isabelle Guyomarch launches Ozalys, a unique and innovative dermo-cosmetic range.

Since then, she has multiplied her commitments to help women recover from the ordeal of cancer.

Her story, Isabelle Guyomarch tells it in her book Combattante (Cherche Midi edition, 2019). She gives her life there, talks about femininity or even the consideration of sick women in their workplace, to enlighten others and free speech on female cancers.

About Ozalys

At key moments in life, women’s bodies are more vulnerable. Hormonal sensitivity at the time of puberty, pregnancy, menopause and cancer, disrupts women’s lives. A life that Ozalys has been committed to taking care of since its creation in 2017. Based on a unique and innovative formulation charter, the high-design dermo-cosmetic brand, committed to health, has been rewarded with 8 excellence awards. The 10 hygiene and care products, designed for the most fragile skin and mucous membranes, are certified and validated for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For life, Ozalys is the ally of women.

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