“Perfection is an illusion”

"Perfection is an illusion"

ANGOULEME, FRANCE - AUGUST 24: Marie Gillain waits

Marie Gillain refuses the “dictatorship of beauty”: “Perfection is an illusion” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/WireImage)

This Tuesday, September 6, 2022, M6 viewers will be able to discover the TV movie “À la folie”, which notably features Marie Gillain. The actress has been fighting for many years against the dictates of beauty, but for her it is a fight that is far from over.

“It took me years to pull this off.” Here is what Marie Gillain said in December 2021 about her good relationship with her body. The companion of Christophe d’Esposti, actress emeritus and now 47 years old, agreed in 2015 to pose naked on the cover of the magazine Him. A challenge for the actress who has always fought to counter the dictates of beauty imposed by society, on women in general, but in particular on actresses. And in the columns of Paris Match, she affirms it: “It took me years to assume my physique.”

Video. Marie Gillain, 46, cash on her image: “I did not choose the easiest job to grow old”

The power of images and the fear of aging

Faced with the photos of Lui magazine, she feels above all pride. “The sexual power of this photo and the woman I had become…I felt an inner power, like I was in tune with myself.” It must be said that she believes “not to have chosen the easiest job to grow old. Will people still want me tomorrow? Will the phone still ring in two months or two years? ?” So many questions that resonate in the minds of all her colleagues, confronted with the ageism of show business professions.

This particular relationship to her body and her image, Marie Gillain has maintained for many years. In an interview with Le Parisien a few years ago, she already said: “Perfection is an illusion.” At the time, aged 42, she agreed to pose without makeup or touch-ups. “I immediately wanted to do it, because even if the retouching has interesting and creative aspects when it is done in a clever way, it gives the illusion of a perfect beauty which can make those who don’t can’t reach it. By accepting your proposal, I hope to show readers – and readers! – that you can be beautiful without necessarily being retouched and without resorting to a lot of artifice.”

His fight against the “dictatorship of appearances”

Marie Gillain is well aware of this: the profession of actress is steeped in dictates and expectations regarding what a woman should look like. “There are two aspects to my job. The first, the one I’ve always loved, is playing characters who may be ravaged, have a few extra pounds or not be at the top of their game. I’m interested in that. , because it represents life, which is made up of moments of grace, but also of totally ungrateful moments (…) The other aspect of my job is the glamorous part, which always requires looking good for TV shows, photos, never to make a mistake in taste… But this aspect of my job as an actress can indeed sometimes be diktat.

Happy with the obligation to mention the retouching of photos in magazines and on advertisements, she said she wanted to “fight strongly against this diktat of beauty, which leads to catastrophic situations: anorexia, depression and even suicide.” A sad observation still valid today, and even reinforced by social networks.

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