PHOTOS – Face care: 35 amazing new products to discover this spring 2022

PHOTOS – Face care: 35 amazing new products to discover this spring 2022

The idea is no longer to fight. Neither against time, nor against wrinkles, nor against his skin. On the contrary, we are looking for a real experience of well-being, of returning to oneself and of appeasement. Through the choice of a treatment, we now expect other commitments and other results than often utopian promises of rejuvenation. Benefits perhaps less quantitative and more holistic.

Beauty and well-being have never been so close. We want emotion, sensations, values, creativity… And when all that goes hand in hand with the performance we are aiming for for our skin (deep regeneration, radiance, protection), so we go for it. Small cosmetic guide with these spring novelties which, like the return of the sun, will do the greatest good to our body and our mind.

1. A N°1 range infused with Chanel camellia

The camellia so dear to Gabrielle Chanel, already integrated into certain cosmetic formulas, is once again the star. But this time, it is a red variety of the flower, The Czar, which has enabled the laboratories to discover a new molecule, never observed on other camellias: protocatechuic acid. This ingenious extract is capable of limiting the onset of cell senescence, which then remains younger for longer. It is therefore the common thread of a whole beneficial line dedicated to skin revitalization, including five treatments that compete as much in terms of results (revitalised skin, radiance, reduction of fine lines, better elasticity) as in sensoriality. All in ultra-chic and completely virtuous packaging.

I buy: Red Camellia Revitalizing Cream, €98*; Red Water, Revitalizing Scented Body Water,105€*; Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum€138* all from the N°1 collection, Chanel.

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2. Three ultra-concentrated anti-ageing active ingredients from Lancôme

We know the most effective and complementary active ingredients in terms of anti-aging. What is difficult is to formulate them together: they are often incompatible. It’s the case hyaluronic acidC+ Niacinamide (vitamin C + vitamin B3) and ferulic acid. However, these three ultra-powerful active ingredients are combined for the first time in a single formula. How ? Thanks to a revolutionary patented “press for fresh” packaging (until 2038, anyway) which brings together three independent capsules. Result: three ultra-concentrated active ingredients in three textures that merge at the last moment, for effectiveness on wrinkles and skin volume in a few weeks.

I buy: Rénergie HFC Triple SerumLancome, €125*.

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3. Maison Carita’s ultra-sharp protocols

Maison Carita needs no introduction. Yet this year, it is reinventing itself. While waiting for the mythical Parisian address to put the finishing touches to its metamorphosis (opening expected after the summer), it is already possible to give your skin the benefit of professional expertise through eponymous cosmetic treatments, which have also just been reformulated. Three main lines dedicated to targeted issues (regeneration and radiance; structure and firmness; repair and hydration) and each orchestrated around a unifying element: biotech gold, micronized tourmaline, water from the Tahitian lagoons. To be completed of course with the iconic products, namely Fluide 14 and Exfoliating Renovator, always in good place.

I buy: Replenishing Morpho-Lift Night Balm€345*; Morpho-Filler Serum€412* for 2 from the Cristal Morphologic collection; Regenerating Cream€450*; Regenerating Micro-Essence€200* for 2 from the Or Rejuvenic collection, Carita.

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4. Regenerative lotions at Dior and Sisley

Without being a fan of layering, the interest of using a lotion is now obvious, given the effectiveness of these new formulas: they are becoming an essential step in the daily routine. Sisley relies on a nocturnal timing to intensely rehydrate, stimulate regeneration and boost cellular communication. The promise being a proven anti-aging benefit. At Dior, it is the morning ritual that is enriched and promises metamorphosed skin in two weeks. Indeed, the Longonza (the star ginger extract of the range) has been superactivated thanks to a brand new natural process, the multi-fermentation flash. Smoother, brighter, more toned skin.

I buy: Supremÿa La Nuit The Anti-Aging Care LotionSisley, €200*; Capture Totale Intensive Essence LotionDior, €69*.

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5. The genderless and sustainable brand signed Pharell Williams

Created in 2020 by the iconic “hands-on” artist Pharell Williams and her personal dermatologist, Dr Elena Jones, this American skincare collection is finally arriving in Paris. The concept ? products with a “wellness” spirit, gender-neutral, vegan, and sustainable (they are all refillable). There are thus basics for the face: an exfoliant, a cleanser and a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and Chinese mushroom extracts. Care for the body, clay or charcoal, are also to be shopped. But quickly: during the launch in the United States, everything was sold-out in 24 hours!

I buy: Rice Cleansing Powder€30; Lotus Enzyme Scrub€41; Moisturizer€43 all Humanrace Skincare, on

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6. A range against the first signs of aging at Caudalie

We can trust Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalie, not to rest on her laurels. Always in search of scientific discoveries, she has just challenged her laboratories to find the pharmaceutical active ingredient capable of boosting a new cutaneous enzyme, just identified by an American researcher from Harvard Medical School (nicknamed the guru of longevity!). Result: a co-patented technology that acts on youth proteins and slows down the aging process of the eight main age markers. To be offered from 40 years.

I buy: Premier Cru The CreamCaudalie, €82.90**; The Premier Cru Cream, €82.90**; Premier Cru Serum€82.90**; Premier Cru Eye Cream€44.90** all Caudalie.

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7. The extraordinary regenerative capacity of an orchid for Guerlain

Discovered fifteen years ago by the Guerlain laboratories, the Orchid’s extraordinary ability to regenerate still works wonders. A new extract taken from two varieties of orchids – precisely from their ultra-rich roots in defense molecules – manages to prolong the cellular longevity of the skin. How ? by stimulating the survival protein (HIF-1) and the longevity enzyme (PHD3), essential for combating cell hypoxia and reactivating rejuvenation functions: the skin is smoother, denser, more radiant . This formula with 96% natural ingredients is magnified in a texture of finesse and absolutely crazy melting!

I buy: The Light Cream, Exceptional Complete Care€430*; The Cream, Exceptional Complete Care€410* all from the Orchidée Impériale collection, Guerlain.

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8. Millennial micro-algae at Nuxe

If Chlorella Vulgaris has survived for more than two billion years, it is because it has an unfailing resistance! Cultivated in Brittany and extracted here according to processes that respect nature, it makes it possible to obtain an ultra-concentrated oil which has demonstrated an interesting activity: by allowing the essential exchanges of nutrients and oxygen between the dermis and the epidermis, it promotes the production of collagen for denser and firmer skin. To be found in a highly concentrated serum-in-oil, or even in a powdery cream whose completely new patented texture instantly fills the skin.

I buy: The Concentrated Night Cream€45**; Eye Lifting Cream€34**; The Firming Activating Serum-in-Oil€45** all from the Merveillance Lift collection, Nuxe.

Text Olivia Ségot; Slideshow Isabelle Lafond

Photo credits: Photos Fabrice Bouquet; Directed by Julie Chanut-Bombard

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