Severely disabled, he is in a relationship with a dazzling woman, the Web is shocked!


Even though they love each other, Shane and Hannah’s life as a couple isn’t always easy. Because, the young man has a disability while his darling is a very beautiful young woman. We tell you about their daily life.

An unlikely couple

Love has nothing to do with looks and Shane and his girlfriend have proven it. For information, it was the beautiful Hannah who took the first step. After having watched online a documentary about Shanethe young woman immediately fell in love.

She contacted him and the two started talking to each other of their commonalities. Between them, the current passed very quickly. The young man even thought at the time that Hannah had a ” perfect “ sense of humor.

Over time, Shane and Hannah were becoming closer and closer. The only problem at that time was the distance between them. To talk to each other, the two lovebirds sent each other emails and did a FaceTime until they finally met.

From then on, they never left each other. Today, the couple is happier than ever. Moreover, they share their daily life on the Squirmy and Grubs YouTube channel. It also happens that they are invited in TV shows to tell their life story.

On the set of “This Morning”for example, Shane talked about the “misconceptions” what we do about people with disabilities. According to him, people with disabilities are often seen as “diminished”.

That’s why, he says, seeing him in a relationship with Hannah, a young woman “intelligent, beautiful, in a healthy body”, shocks a lot of people.

“Yet it shouldn’t,” he stressed.

The daily life of the couple

If Shane and Hannah look like a normal couple in their video, the two lovebirds can’t escape remarks towards them. At each of their romantic outings, the two lovebirds always experience a rather disturbing situation.

At the restaurant, for example, the waiters always prefer to give the bill to Hannah rather than to her darling. Seeing his disability, they think Shane can’t pay the bill.

In “This Morning”, Hannah also shared how people approach her on the street. They suddenly stop and speak with the young woman wishing Shane well. None of them tell the young man because they think he cannot understand what they are saying.

It also happens that people pray for the young man. At this moment, Shane prefers to interrupt them and tell them that everything is fine with him. Otherwise, most of the time, people think that the young man is a child.

This is due to his youthful physique caused by his illness. Finally, more often than not, they can’t believe that Hannah and Shane are in a relationship because of this disability. We always say that she is his caregiver.

For information, Shane has spinal muscular atrophy. This is’muscle degeneration which is due to the loss of motor neurons in his spinal cord. However, despite her darling’s health problems and the criticisms they receive, Hannah has always remained close to him.

The Eling love story

Shane and Hannah’s story is reminiscent of Susan Njogu Eling and Philip Eling. The latter is also disabled and shares his life with a woman with a healthy body. Their meeting took place after Susan graduated as a social worker with the disabled.

The beautiful brunette has, in fact, applied for the workplace of Philip Eling. The latter then asked him out through an email after Susan’s interview. From the first date, they knew thatthey were made for each other.

Susan clarifies that Philip’s physique had never bothered her, since she had already had “relationships with people with disabilities” during his studies. Just six months after they met, the couple said to each other ” yes “.

Susan’s parents notably gave them their blessing quickly, as told by the young woman. The only problem they have is criticism of their relationship.

Most people think that Susan would not be in love with Philip and she just wants her money. However, these attacks never reached Susan. She continues to live alongside her husband and takes care of him just as Philip takes care of her.

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