Skin at 30: how to take care of it?

Skin at 30: how to take care of it?

From the age of 30, the needs of the skin change. You may have noticed that she had less radiance, that you looked more tired, and that the first signs of aging were starting to mark your face. Your usual cream is no longer enough to fight against aging and maintain smooth and luminous face. Find out how take care of your face from the age of 30with the advice of Fanny Chauvin, facialist & epidermis expert at Aux secrets de beauté.

How to prevent skin aging?

Skin aging is a universal and inevitable phenomenon that depends on the genetic capital and lifestyle of each individual. Progressive and inevitable, aging affects our entire body and our organs as the years go by. And if the skin begins this process from the age of 25, with the appearance of the first fine lines.

We won’t be able to keep the skin of our 20s forever, but you can now adopt good reflexes to delay the aging of your skin. But, what are they exactly?

The sun, the skin’s worst enemy

Yes, the sun plays a major role in its premature aging. UV exposure directly impacts the cells responsible for skin renewal: weakened, they are no longer able to perform their role correctly. By tanning, the body protects itself against the attack of the sun, but certain consequences are not without risk for the epidermis. Sun exposure causes sunburns and may be responsible for certain cancers. In terms of its beauty: by accelerating the process of skin aging, spots and wrinkles appear, and the skin dries up.

So even in January with 4 degrees, the time to have a coffee, you have to avoid the sun or at least protect yourself from it. How ? Of course having a sunscreen contained in its day cream, BB cream, CC cream or simply with a make-up powder containing an SPF, perfect for short exposures. But Fanny Chauvin warns: “The best advice at a lower cost is still to cover your body with clothes adapted to the season and to wear a hat, cap and sunglasses when possible!”.

Tobacco, an accelerator of the aging of the body

It’s not just to protect your skin that you have to quit smoking, but it’s important to remember thatthere is a link between smoking and skin aging. Numerous studies have shown in particular that smoking promotes the appearance of wrinkles. Tobacco indeed causes an oxidation of the cells and consequently, an alteration of the epidermis. “The skin is a living organ that suffers all the harmful effects of tobacco, reminds the facialistslow cell renewal, refined skin, loss of elasticity, blurred complexion…”.

Tobacco also gradually damages the micro vessels of the skin, which allow the vascularization of the different layers of the epidermis. Blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin are therefore much less easy. According to the National Syndicate of Dermatologists, “Each puff of cigarette smoke releases 200,000 free radicals that will attack skin cells and cause effects on the eye area and facial skin as a whole”.

Food against wrinkles

To fight against the appearance of wrinkles, it is important to take care of your diet. Choose foods rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and vitamins. Antioxidants are very effective in the fight against cell aging. They are found in spinach, red beans, beets or tomatoes. You will find omega 3 in fish such as mackerel, salmon or sardines, and in certain vegetable oils. These amino acids will allow your skin to maintain its flexibility and his elasticity.

As for vitamins, promote vitamin A which protects the skin from UV rays. This vitamin is found in butter, eggs or carrots. You will also be advised not to hesitate to consume products rich in vitamin Csuch as oranges, grapefruits, kiwis or peppers and in Vitamin E with sunflower oil, hazelnuts and almonds.

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Sport, for oxygenation

The effects of skin aging are reflected in the thickening of the most superficial layer of the epidermis and in the thinning of the dermis, the fleshy part below. Over time, the visible surface of the skin dries out and becomes denser, and the inner part, as it becomes thinner, loses its elasticity cellular and becomes flask.

To rejuvenate, it would therefore be necessary to reverse this relentless process: refine the epidermis and strengthen the dermis. Physical activity allows the oxygenation of cells thanks to denser and faster blood circulation. “The independent lymph circuit will also react to the faster rate of blood circulation: the lymphatic circuit will react by allowing toxins to be eliminated more quickly and stored less in our body and therefore in our skin too” explains the beautician.

At each age its routine

Despite the arrival of the thirties, the facialist reminds us, “we always remain in the prevention”. With a tense pace of life accompanied by young children, professional changes or family and social demands, it is necessary to take care of your skin on a daily basis.

To do so, it is necessary to install a beauty routine : “It’s happening again and still no UV protection from the sun” . The second step in the skincare routine is to cleanse your skin, “to guarantee the firmness of the epidermis”. For this, the specialist advises to wash your face, morning and evening. “but always gently” by accompanying this cleansing with a floral lotion or a tonic. “If you have time, you can also apply a moisturizing or anti-wrinkle serum if fine lines start to appear”.

To continue to protect the skin, Fanny Chauvin recommends always following facial cleansing with a cream, to moisturize. It all depends on how much time you have: “Do you have a few minutes? Don’t hesitate to exfoliate and mask once a week”. If you have even more time, it is possible to do an institute treatment with highly concentrated products to give the skin a good hydration boost.

The risk at this age for the skin is premature aging often linked to hyper activity, stress and lack of sleep : we see his eyes aging faster to recover less well etc.. It is therefore necessary to promote good cell renewal by having a form of inner recovery: sophrology, nap, yoga,…

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