The best magic tricks to have beautiful skin this winter!

Soin de la peau : toutes nos astuces pour la garder belle pendant les mois d'hiver

Temperatures drop a little more each day. Winter is here. We are going to have to redouble our efforts to take care of our epidermis and protect it from external aggressions. Discover without further delay our skin care routine to pamper it like never before and spend the winter without any problems!

Skin care: special attention during the winter.

Winter and its low temperatures are a nightmare for our facial skin. Indeed, it is very fragile during this period. Therefore, we must give him the tools and the means to protect himself. Find out below how to take care of your skin.

Hydration for deep skin care.

Each season has its quirks. Indeed, the sun in summer is also very aggressive for our skin. This is why we protect it with creams solar. In winter, the problem is different. We are looking more for a source of hydration and a barrier against the cold which dries out. For your skin to strengthen and be prepared against all attacks during the cold season, it must be nourished as it should be daily. Therefore, each evening a small ritual is required. Start by applying a night cream suitable for your skin type, but rich enough to nourish it deeply. To increase the effects, you can also put a serum just before your night cream. This one is rich and therefore will allow even more effective hydration. In the early morning, the day cream will not be the same as the night cream. This could be lighter. And again, if you have a serum to apply, it will have even more beneficial effects. Finally, the thing we often forget is to protect our skin from the sun, even in winter! Indeed, do not forget your protection. The sun is harmful at any time of the year. Think about it!

Cleansing: an essential step to have a dazzling complexion.

Often during this winter season, the skin becomes dull, lackluster and tired. To remedy this, it is important to make time for cleaning your skin every day and to respect certain rules. Indeed, it will have to be done in two stages. The first is to use makeup remover. For example, you can opt for a water micellar or a cleansing oil. The latter will gently remove make-up from your skin. Then, the second will be the cleaning step with a specific product adapted to your skin. Be careful, for oily skin, use a purifying and exfoliating cleanser. For all skin types, a cleanser that foams will be perfect for deep cleansing your skin. These two actions are to be carried out every evening without exception. With make-up removal and a good cleansing, your skin will be like new. Indeed, no more sebum, no more dead skin, your complexion will regain its natural luminosity.

And for makeup?

Again, your makeup must adapt according to the season. For example, it will be advisable to use makeup products that are slightly moisturizing to avoid dryness. A BB cream Where CC cream will be perfect for your complexion. They will unify your skin while providing it with the necessary hydration for the whole day. To fix your make-up, do not hesitate to use a loose powder. On the fashion side, the lipstick trend is in dark or nude colors. But be careful, don’t make the mistake of putting too much makeup on your eyes, your mouth and your skin! It’s necessary to choose ! If your lips are clear, underline your look with a black line for example.

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