These bad habits that harm our skin

These bad habits that harm our skin

Without necessarily realizing it, you sometimes realize an accumulation of small gestures on a daily basis which, combined with each other, can undermine the beauty of your face. Over time, it is above all the tone and radiance of your skin that could suffer, even though you think you are doing well… Too bad!

To avoid doing worse than better, follow the advice of our two beauty pros – Léa Krakovitch, beautician and Dr. Rachel Pessis – who explain to us the gestures to avoid, and those to favor to save your skin.

Abuse exfoliating products

Mechanical scrubs (with exfoliating grains) are often very abrasive. If they are very effective in eliminating dead skin on the surface of the epidermis, they should not be used too frequently, especially by sensitive skin. As for chemical scrubs, their formula can be very active, especially when it is not designed for daily use.

The right move: as a general rule, limit the use of mechanical scrubs, which are too abrasive for the face. Opt instead for a chemical exfoliator whose use you will adjust according to your skin but also the formula (daily or not).

Place her phone against her cheek

Stuffed with bacteria of all kinds, the screen of your smartphone will transfer them to your skin, the functioning of which could be disrupted, creating inflammation (pimples, black spotsulcers at the level and in the mouth…).

The right move: use a hands-free kit or your phone’s loudspeaker as often as possible. In the same spirit, avoid touching your face without washing your hands first. In the evening, rid your skin of bacteria and impurities that have settled on it during the day. For this, use a good cleanserable to capture dirt, then clean up once rinsed, like a micellar water or a cleansing milk… Good too, the double-cleansing ritual, combining the steps of cleansing oil and foaming cleanser.

Changing facials too often

Unless just after applying a new cream, you notice an undesirable skin reaction, there is no reason to change treatment before a reasonable time. Indeed, by changing too often, not only will you surely not see any effect on your skin, but in addition, you risk making the treatments less effective, as skin renewal can no longer operate optimally. Finally, accumulating too many treatments, and therefore different active ingredients on your skin in a short time, is to take the risk of sensitizing it and that, no longer tolerating anything, it will develop an allergy in reaction.

The right move: test the facial treatments for at least 3 to 4 weeks, i.e. the time for a cell renewal cycleor the equivalent of using a medium sized tub of cream.

Use the same care for face and body

Apart from the SOS version, where they can troubleshoot, body care products should not be used on the face. The needs are not the same and the characteristics of the skin different. So we forget the soap or the shower gel to cleanse your face and the 2-in-1 body cream to moisturize body and face. Especially since very often, multipurpose products, by promising several actions, end up doing nothing properly.

The right move: favor simple treatments, at low cost if the budget does not follow, but which are really dedicated to the area you want to take care of. The golden rule: one treatment = one action. A basic cleanser, serum and moisturizer, and clay as a weekly mask can do just fine.

Applying too much material to the skin at once

When too much cream is applied to the skin at once, it struggles to absorb everything and take advantage of the benefits of each treatment due to the obscuring effect of the previously applied layers.

The right move: adopt a minimalist routine and for each treatment, take a reasonable dose of material (some well thought-out packaging delivers the right dose in just one click). Applying the double, on the pretext that we missed an evening, will not change anything. If your treatment becomes fluffy when applied, this is often a sign that there is too much material on the skin or that the products applied are incompatible.

Use dirty beauty accessories

You wouldn’t think of eating from the same plate night after night without washing it? So why would you find it logical to take care of your skin or apply makeup with dirty hands or accessories that are not regularly cleaned and on which layers of impurities, bacteria and cream accumulate?

The right move: gloves, disposable cotton pads, make-up sponges, brushes, tweezers… Clean your beauty accessories as regularly as possible. If ideally, we should wash your tools after each use as the pros do, our daily lives do not always allow us to do so. Let’s stay soft: a good cleaning once a week will already be great.

Thanks to Léa Krakovitch, Esthetician and Founder of the Institut Les Jolies Pommettes, and to Dr Rachel Pessis, Cosmetic surgeon and Terraké spokesperson.

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