treat your hair with cold

treat your hair with cold

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Gianni Coppa (Hairdresser and founder of the R’Factory salon)

Hair cryotherapy is the new treatment for damaged hair. The key: shiny and sheathed hair. Zoom on this cold hair treatment with Gianni Coppa, founder of the R’Factory hair salon.

Known for improving physical recovery or burning fat, cryotherapy is not a new technique. However, its use on the hair is still little used. However, it promises results just as satisfactory as on the body.

Hair cryotherapy: what is it?

The concept of cryotherapy for hair is simple. It consists of applying a vegan and non-invasive treatment to the hair and rubbing it in with a cold iron down to -16°C. Thereby, “the treatment complex, based on collagen, hyaluronic acid and acai, penetrates deep into the hair fibres”says Gianni Coppa, founder of the R’Factory hair salon.

Its main benefits? Restore and maintain the hair fiber that protects it from water. “A fiber in good condition is naturally hydrophobic, it repels water, while a damaged fiber becomes hydrophilic, details the hairdresser. This technology thus increases the lubrication between the fibers, allows a perfect absorption of nutrients and a complete reconstruction of the hair fiber”. This treatment also makes it possible to repair the damage caused by daily aggressions (pollution, straightening, sun, etc.).

The capillary cryotherapy protocol can be summed up in three steps: a shampoo to open the scales of the hair, a vegan treatment and finally the passage of a cold straightening iron. During this last step, the professional takes care to pass the cold plates on each of the locks to maximize the absorption of the product. The device goes down to -16°C and freezes the product on the hair. Finally, the excess product is removed with water and then the hair is dried. In all, the treatment lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Note that even if this treatment requires the use of plates, it is not a smoothing.

Results : hair is noticeably shinier and silkier. The hair appears more sheathed and in good health. You can see this effect for 4 to 7 weeks then repeat the treatment if necessary.

Hair cryotherapy: for which hair types?

Whether you have colored, bleached, straight or curly hair, hair cryotherapy treatment is right for you. On the other hand, for frizzy hair, the results may be minimal: “For frizzy hair, it’s less suitable because it’s a fiber issue. It permeates less well, so the treatment will be less effective and less deep”explains the expert.

As for bleached and highlighted hair, this protocol acts in addition and can very well complete a scan or a coloring. This protects and restores the hair damaged by these chemical processes.

Cryotherapy for hair: can it be done at home?

There are brands that offer cold straighteners for purchase. However, Gianni Coppa affirms that using a cold straightener at home will not better maintain the treatment or return the same result. “The protocol is different so we don’t have the same result in the salon as at home”, he recalls. In this case, it is better to carry out the treatment with professionals specialized in this technique.

What price ?

Hair cryotherapy costs between 50 and 100 euros at the hairdresser. The price varies depending on your length and thickness.

Where to perform capillary cryotherapy?

At the R’Factory hair salon:

3 rue des Favorites, 75015 Paris.


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