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plim washable sanitary protection

Ecological emergency obliges, new alternatives to polluting products are emerging. For the intimate comfort of women, the washable hygienic protection of PliM is essential to obtain. A healthy product for the body and the planet to discover urgently.

Respect for the environment and the body are today more than ever one of the priorities. Many products, like lambda hygienic protections, can turn out to be toxic. Their composition can raise questions about their harmfulness to the body and the planet. Fortunately, there is a sane solution to this question. Be there washable hygienic protection by PliM. It is reusable for 4 to 5 years. If we do the math, there are therefore hundreds of panty liners that will not be thrown away. You are doing good for the planet as well as your wallet. A totally ecological concept that continues in the manufacturing techniques.

Zero waste washable hygienic protection

This protection called the plim is really different from conventional towels. She imagines herself in fact organic cotton GOATS certified. With this very soft fabric, no more irritation and pollution. This washable sanitary napkin also benefits from AIRaO technology. An innovation that ensures the membrane unprecedented absorption and breathability and thus prevents any maceration. You will no longer be bothered by the smell of stagnant blood that remains on the fabric. This reusable hygienic protection is also non-toxic. Its OEKO-TEX certification bears witness to this. The risks of irritation, allergies or worse, toxic shocks are ruled out. A significant point both for women’s health and for the environment. The composition of this Zero Waste towel is therefore safe for the environment. Made in workshops in Poitou-Charentes, it also showcases French know-how. The made in France in its panties!

If you throw away your classic towel once it has been used, what happens to our washable sanitary protection? A question that inevitably arises. But don’t worry, PliM thinks of everything. You can fold up your towel to make a small pocket. By taking care to keep the waterproof side out, the liquid cannot escape. And thanks to its breathable technology, no worries about possible odors related to maceration. With its very extensive range, PliM’s reusable sanitary napkin is available in different absorption capacities. Not to mention the style.

Protection adapted to all flows

plim washable sanitary protection
Credit: Plim

All the flow can be controlled thanks to the Classic range of reusable hygienic protection from Plim. First of all, the MEDIUM is the ideal ally for light or moderately heavy periods and small urinary leaks. Larger than the previous one, the LONG MEDIUM is used during low and medium flow at the beginning and end of menstruation or in the event of minor urinary leakage. During medium or heavy flow during the day, opt for the PLUS. As for SUPER, it protects women with heavy flows at any time. You will no longer have to worry about a possible overflow thanks to this washable hygienic protection.

To spend a dry night or if you are subject to the really important rules, the MAX is there to ensure comfort at all times. ULTRA protection benefits very heavy or even haemorrhagic flows during the day. It is also ideal at night or for women prone to urinary leakage and incontinence. But that’s not all. It adapts more and more to women and offers a solution to hemorrhagic flows or to new mothers, the EXTRA. Finally, the DELUXE accompanies women with incontinence problems. And all those towels stay put. The two press studs of different width are present on all panties.

Ecology as a leitmotif

reusable hygienic protection
Credit: Plim

In addition to its comfort, this PliM reusable hygienic protection is 100% organic cotton. Perfect for those who make ecology a priority. More polyester with this range. Cotton is present everywhere to offer a product that respects the planet and women. This formula brings comfort and softness to live this period of the cycle as serenely as possible. Available in the MEDIUM version without an impermeable membrane, the washable sanitary napkin absorbs light and medium period flow and light urinary leakage. It is also reusable for four to five years.

Washable hygienic protection suitable for athletes

Because the rules should not prevent you from practicing physical activity, sporting they too have protection made for them. Particularity, its innovative round shape. The reusable sanitary protection will no longer slip in the underwear with this O range. No more stress from the potential fall of the towel as soon as you take a step! Two press studs as in the Classic range allow it to be maintained. These are two different widths which are thus designed for all lingerie and different flows. But beware, the MEDIUM’O is made for light and medium flows. As with the other ranges, manufacturing and design are always entirely French. From the elderly to the first period of teenagers, all women can adopt it.

An ultra-stylish towel

No, this washable sanitary protection does not have a grandmother’s panty design. Comfort and ecology do not take precedence over fashion. Of multiple versions are therefore available to keep you dry in style. You have the choice between different patterns and colors. You will of course find the classic black and white but also more flashy shades like ocean blue or peony. Those who dare are also not left out. They have the choice between different bold models with prints such as scales, feathers, orchids or even unicorns. Because a protection that we will wear several days each month for years must be pleasant to look at for everyone. PliM’s reusable sanitary pads are there to make women’s lives easier. Their objective ? Combine ecology, comfort and style!

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