What are the best electric nail files?…

What are the best electric nail files?...

To take care of your nails without leaving home, opt for an electric nail file. If this idea interests you, check out our selection of the best electric nail sanders available on Amazon.

Manicure: the importance of taking care of your nails

Many do not know it, but the nails are a vestige of our ancestors who lived in prehistory. If today nails are not necessarily useful, in the past, this was not the case. Indeed, the nails were used to dig, catch, cling and possibly hang on when needed. Nowadays, these survival reflexes are no longer relevant, but the nails have remained.
Even if they do not have a specific function, it is still necessary to take care of the nails, first of all, from an aesthetic point of view. Having a good manicure highlights the beauty of the hands. It is important to clarify that manicure should not be done only for flirtatious purposes. Manicure is a way to pay attention to nail health. Indeed, the nails are constantly in contact with external elements that can affect them. It may be abrasive elements, or simply pollution and heat that tend to dry them out.

It is common to believe that getting a manicure simply involves applying a beautiful varnish to the nails. Which is entirely false. In fact, a manicure is a complete nail treatment that includes:

  • Polishing the nail to remove the possibly dried out outer layer
  • Cuticle removal
  • The application of care (serums) to revitalize and hydrate the nails
  • Filing the end of the nails for a better aesthetic result and to avoid possible breakage

Manicure is therefore an operation to improve the health of the nails. In this context, it is important to specify that the manicure is not reserved for women. Men also have the right, even the obligation, to take care of their hands and nails.

It is important to remember that the nails of the hands are of the same constitution as those of the feet. Therefore, the pedicure is as important as the manicure.

Nevertheless, it happens that the lack of time prevents from moving for an appointment with the beautician. To remedy this, know that you can buy an electric file and sand your nails yourself at home, without moving.

Our choice: the professional 12-in-1 sander

The WakeDream nail sander is the top electric nail file. This exceptional accessory has 6 different shank drills, 6 sanding bands, as well as 6 polishing drills.

This electric nail file features high-tech bearings, powered by multiple premium internal motors. Its aluminum body is just as aesthetic as it is practical. Indeed, this material allows more efficient heat dissipation, thus extending the working time. In addition, aluminum is a light metal. Its treated surface is anti-fall, non-slip, for an easy-to-grip accessory.

The WakeDream is an electric sander intended for individuals and professionals. In other words, it can be used in a beauty salon, or in a living room. We particularly chose this sander because of its versatility. The WakeDream is perfect for manicures, pedicures, buffs, excess cuticle removal, and even pet manicures.

The electric nail file with holder set

The TOUCHBeauty sander is a portable and cordless nail kit. It is a small accessory that can be used for a complete manicure, from polishing to varnishing. Thanks to its 5 interchangeable heads, it is easier to manage the shine and shape of the nails, for results identical to those of a beauty salon. Thanks to the support integrated in the kit, it is easier to organize and find your way among the different tools and bits.

We especially like this product for its built-in UV dryer. With this technology, the drying time of the varnish is considerably accelerated. There’s no need to wave your hands around to get the polish to dry faster. In addition, the TOUCHBeauty has an ergonomic design, intelligently thought out to offer maximum comfort to its user.

The USB nail grinder

Imagine you’re in your car and you accidentally break a fingernail because of a wrong move. In order to solve the problem quickly, here is the WEIYI electric nail file. This accessory is very practical, because it is easy to transport and has a USB charging system. So you only have to plug it into the cigarette lighter and you can quickly fix your broken nail.

The WEIYI sander is easy to handle, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. In case you are completely new to electric nail files, the WEIYI sander is the one for you and the one we recommend.

The electric nail file with 11 tips

For true nail artists, here is the AEVO electric nail grinder kit. The whole kit consists of:

  • A file polisher (manicure and pedicure) USB
  • 11 different bits for the polisher
  • A cleaning brush
  • 36 sanding belts

We love this product which is one of the most complete manicure kits.

The AEVO has a speed regulation system that can reach nearly 20,000 rotations per minute. This greatly facilitates the maneuverability of this electric nail file.

The powerful and silent electric nail file

One of the main problems with vibrating electrical devices is the noise they generate. However, the MelodySusie brand has been able to remedy this problem with their model of professional nail grinder. It is made only with high quality materials. Thanks to this, the vibrations are low, and therefore, the noise is considerably reduced, to such an extent that it is practically non-existent.

We recommend this product especially for its durable metal frame, with its easy-to-grip handle that won’t stick or discolor.

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