White hair: how to take care of it?

White hair: how to take care of it?

The appearance of white hair can scare many of us. In particular, because they are often associated with age and old age. However, well-groomed silver hair can be beautiful! Moreover, many celebrities assume more and more their white hair. So why not you ? Cosmo gives you all the tips and advice to take care of it.

White hair: at what age do they appear?

The appearance of white hair, also called canitie, is a natural phenomenon, which no one can escape. It happens with age. Nevertheless, associating white hair with old age is not entirely correct. Indeed, 33 years would be the average age to see the appearance of first white hair, according to a study conducted by hair care brand Charles Worthington. A relatively young age, then. Especially since other experts agree that gray hair appears around the age of 25 (and that it does not happen alone).

The onset of canities varies depending on the natural color of your hair. The British study estimates that the first gray hairs appear in redheads (30 years old), then brunettes (32 years old) and finally blondes (35 years old). But it also depends on the genetic. If your parents went white fairly young, you are more likely to see your first white hair appear early. Also, we note the hygiene of life, the stress or a disorder of the thyroid as factors that could promote the growth of white hair.

But a question remains, why do they turn white? Just because our hair no longer receives melanin, the amino acid and pigment responsible for hair color. Melanin is produced by melanocytes, cells located in the hair follicles of the epidermis. Over time, the melanocytes stop producing melanin. Then follows the process of depigmentation of the hair.

Why is it important to take care of your white hair?

When the hair turns white, it also loses its luster. Results, your hair becomes dull, or even yellow, in particular due to oxidation by pollution. It is therefore essential to take care of them so that they continue to shine.

Also, gray hair tends to have a slightly different texture than what you’ve experienced. They are, in fact, more dry and brittle, because the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands decreases with age. They can also be thinner, thicker or even frizzy! If you want to assume your white mane, you will have to improve your hair routine.

Assuming his white hair, it’s great! But you have to take care of it to sublimate this color and make you look radiant. Here are our tips.

  • Moisturize your hair deeply

To properly maintain your white hair, you must first focus on hydration. Stopping the production of melanin by the melanocytes effectively makes the more fragile hair. Added to this the drop in sebum production, your hair is less well hydrated and it shows. It is therefore essential to choose moisturizing and nourishing care for your lengths. It is also recommended to carry out a hair mask or an oil bath once a week, in order to soften your hair.

The sebum cure, you know ? The principle is to stop washing your hair for several weeks, so that it is covered with sebum and therefore perfectly hydrated. To take care of your white hair, you don’t need to go that far. But do not hesitate to space out the shampoos to stimulate sebum production and therefore, hydration.

  • Use appropriate products

In addition to selecting nourishing treatments in your new hair routine, be sure to use products suitable for white hair. We opt for a anti-yellowing shampoo (also called purple shampoo) which will fight, as its name suggests, against the yellowing of your hair. Thanks to its purple pigments, it will neutralize yellow tones and restore shine to your mane. The hairdresser Jean Louis David advises him to use a shampoo for white hair once a month. Note that it is not necessary to use your anti-yellowing treatment with each hair wash. You can vary with a shampoo adapted to your hair type and with clarifying shampoos. You can also make yellowing masks rather than using a shampoo (or in addition).

  • Avoid heated appliances (and protect your hair from the sun)

Heated appliances, such as straighteners, curling irons or hair dryers, will damage your already fragile white hair. They would also be responsible for the yellowing of non-pigmented hair. We therefore avoid using them too often and we make sure to place them on the lowest temperature when we do. Don’t forget to apply a heat-protective spray or treatmentr forward! Finally, to avoid yellow tones, protect your hair from the sun with hair sunscreen products.

Do you keep your white hair long or short?

When you have white hair, some haircuts can age you. Especially if you decide to keep your hair long. We thus favor a short haircut or a square cut. Among the short cuts, the most trendy for white hair are undeniably the boyish cut or the undercut cut !

As for the squares, we don’t hesitate to go for a short and fuzzy square or a longer and degraded square. This is also the time to give in to a square plunging, a timeless cut that always has its little effect. It will be up to your hairdresser to assess the cut that suits you best, according to your desires but also your hair type!

If you don’t have Marie Antoinette syndrome (and even then, it hasn’t been scientifically proven), your hair won’t turn white overnight. Do not hesitate to make a scan to accompany this transition period. Once you have a white mane, you can also ask your hairdresser.se a reverse scanto color the locks darker and give more shine and relief to your color!

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