HydraFacial: what is this facial treatment that everyone is talking about?

HydraFacial: what is this facial treatment that everyone is talking about?

Offered in 80 countries, the HydraFacial ® treatment is a hit! And for good reason: 30 minutes, three steps, and an optimal result. With no less than 28 patents to its credit, this technology mixes the benefits of dermabrasion and hydration, in order to obtain clearer, smoother and more luminous skin. No wonder the photos and videos are multiplying on the networks!

The 3 steps of the HydraFacial ® treatment

It all starts with a facial cleansing and exfoliation. The idea is to rid the skin of its impurities: pollution particles, makeup residue, dead cells accumulated on the surface, etc. In summary, anything that can dull the complexion and prevent the skin from absorbing the active ingredients of the products applied afterwards. Then a light peeling, composed of glycolic and salicylic acids, takes over, in order to achieve a greater cleaning of the pores. Once this step has been completed, move on to the so-called “l‘extraction“, and this is where the now famous device on Instagram (especially) comes into play. This big “pen” named Vortex-Fusion®, sucks the skin in order to extract impurities nestled in the pores. All are then visible in a receptacle (yum!). At the same time, a cleansing serum is released.

Finally, a moisturizer, combining peptides and antioxidants, is applied. Its action can be reinforced by one of the six serums developed especially for HydraFacial ®, depending on the particularities of the person (oily skin, stains, dryness, etc.). These boosters are presented in three categories: anti-aging, complexion radiance and sensitive skin. As for the tips used to diffuse them, all are single-use and of different formats, in order to adapt to all areas, eye contour and of the mouth understood.

HydraFacial ®: our opinion

With a very fine and reactive skin, you might as well say that serenity was not there when you arrived at the institute. Especially since it had been several days since scales were present on the lips, despite the application of nutritious balms. After a skin diagnosis and a few questions about hygiene and care habits, the different stages of the treatment went smoothly. On the felt side, no pain or discomfort to report. Certainly, we feel every suction and slight tingling, but nothing disturbing. The gestures are precise and the protocol well established. Fun fact: the small bottle containing our impurities sucked up by the machine, was not so “scary”.

At Lazeo, where we went for this test, the Oxyface® treatment complements the HydraFacial®, a protocol aimed at filling up with oxygen thanks to the pause of a moisturizing mask under an oxygen bubble, where negative ions and light of different wavelengths (depending on the problem to be treated) are diffused.

A bluffing skincare duo in the end: the fear of having very marked redness vanished at the sight of the luminous complexion, the plump skin and the absence of scales around the mouth observed! An effect that lasted several days, and which not only allowed the face to literally get a new look, but also to start again on a healthy basis.

Contraindications to HydraFacial ®

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, go your way. Ditto if you have an allergy to aspirin, glycolic acid and algae. If you are taking acne medication, have an autoimmune disease, are prone to epilepsy, cold soreseczema or psoriasis.

HydraFacial ® Paris: how much does it cost?

If many establishments offer this treatment in France, not all of them display it at the same price. In the Lazeo center located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, count €180 for the HydraFacial® treatment, €280 for Hydrafacial x Oxyface® and €160 for the Oxyface® treatment alone.

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