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La beauté se joue-t-elle sur les étals de nos cuisines ?

Oatmeal serum, mango or brown sugar face mask, honey balm, coffee scrub, hair treatment with essential oils, egg white face massage, botox with flax seeds, natural collagen with olibanum incense… There is no shortage of natural recipes to take care of your beauty. Some use corn starch or rice flour for skin and hair. Or the crushed flesh of a banana or an avocado to nourish the ends of the hair. Others, downright, make hair creams at home. Today, the world of beauty is simmering in the kitchen. Seductive gustatory inspirations that do not only have the interest of whetting our appetites. But these ” foods also make sense from a beauty perspective.

On social networks, the community of natural beauty enthusiasts is growing day by day. The excitement continues on the web, especially on Facebook and YouTube. Wasfat Shimaa, Les Ingrédients de Hayam, Natural recipes for skin and hair, Yasmine Youssef-True Beauty’s channel, Hossam Al Maraghy ​​for beauty… All or rather all (most of them are women) use natural foods from kitchen cupboards. They describe recipes specifying the ingredients for all types of homemade beauty cosmetics.

The world of beauty simmers in the kitchen.

On his page ” The secrets of beauty », Fatma puts 30g of frankincense (louban dakar) soak overnight in boiling water. The next day, she prepares the necessary ingredients in a bowl to form a paste. She puts 100g of shea butter in a bain-marie, lets it melt slightly. She filters the frankincense then puts it in a blender, then she adds the shea butter and blends again. ” Now your night cream is ready. Apply to clean, dry skin on the face and neck, avoiding the eye area “, she advises her followers. Fatma has just prepared an Omani cream which contains natural collagen for the skin, she explains. ” This kind of frankincense cream is recognized as a natural remedy to reduce and reduce wrinkles. This resin has been used for centuries in Asia and Africa to help improve skin tone, promote skin cell renewal, keep it well hydrated and stimulate collagen production. Frankincense is used in anti-aging care for mature skin, in care for dry and damaged skin », Informs the young blogger with precision.

The covid effect

The ” home-made has been very popular for a few years. Making your own cosmetic products is a trend that is attracting a growing number of consumers who are turning to cosmetics based on natural ingredients, because they are very concerned about applying only healthy products to the skin, face or hair. . The ” Do It Yourself » (DIY) or « Do it yourself is not only a trend, but also a phenomenon that has started to appear on the web since the worldwide lockdown began.

“Homemade” is very fashionable these days.

How has the pandemic transformed our standards of beauty? » (How Covid-19 is changing the World of Beauty?) is a study made in 2020 by the marketing firm McKinsey & Company which notes that sales fell by 26% in cosmetics stores around the world. According to this same study, 33% of the women questioned had already manufactured cosmetic products at home during confinement. This means that Covid-19 has disrupted many sectors, including cosmetics. Confinement, teleworking, respect for social distancing, wearing a mask. Many of us have remained planted in front of a screen to work via Zoom. So all of this has encouraged vendors to produce homemade products.

The canvas as support

Since then, many blogs have appeared. Many beginners are looking for tips to prepare their recipes that are natural, safe, economical and fun. Faced with so many positive signals, some disciples have even decided to make a career out of it. This is the case of Mona. After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce, Mona, who was unemployed for four years, decided to pursue the profession she dreamed of as a child. She created her blog and started by publishing the beauty tips of our grandmothers, who kept convincing their daughters that food is an inexhaustible source of raw material for beauty.

But if before, Egyptian women only knew two natural recipes, hibiscus flowers to color their hair and cucumber slices to remove puffiness and dark circles, today, recipes abound.

On the Net, women of all ages offer recipes here and there, using the same ingredients. Looks like real beauty centers. The only difference between one and the other is the name of the blog and the first name of the person presenting such a product. Each asks all who follow their page to share and like in order to increase the number of followers, and this, just before completing each video. The notion of sharing is also a very important value for this community. ” Test the recipes on the tip of the elbow before applying it to other parts of the body, to prevent allergies “. They say this to demonstrate that they have some experience, while repeating that their recipes and ingredients used are effective for body and face care.

The skepticism of dermatologists

But while many consumers appreciate these homemade natural cosmetics, some beauty experts and dermatologists are skeptical. ” Topical use of lemon poses some risks to the skin. It may cause burns, inflammation or adverse skin reactions. Lemon or eggs can also irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. “, explains dermatologist Noha Abdel-Réhim Nagui.

An opinion shared by beauty expert Amina Chelbaya who believes that ” no homemade cosmetics are effective in the fight against facial wrinkles. Homemade beauty products (creams, lotions and masks) do not help our skin stay supple or smooth. They are not effective and their results only last a very short time. “.

For his part, dermatologist Mahmoud Abdel-Réhim Abdallah says: “ Each skin is unique and has very specific needs. Dry-prone skin should not receive the same care as oily or acne-prone skin. It is also impossible to manufacture a cream without adding a surfactant (essential to keep the fatty part and the aqueous part of the preparation together) or to keep a cosmetic product containing water for more than a few hours without adding a preservative. adapted “.

Despite this, this trend is in vogue and creating a real market. This way of preparing homemade organic is in fact not only specific to women who are beginners, there are also those who have embarked on the entrepreneurship of natural cosmetic products and who have a long experience in this field.

In her 60s, Abbey London Walker is an Egyptian who has lived in London for around 25 years. She has made a considerable evolution in the cosmetics sector, not only on the web but also in her professional life. ” I have been making my cosmetic products for more than six years, but for about a year I have been professionalizing “says Abbey who recently opened a beauty cosmetics business” handmade “. To complete her activity, she shares her expertise and also does coaching. ” I receive requests every day from foreign women from all over the world on my blog who are fascinated by home made adds Abbey, who points to strong growth in entrepreneurship in this area. In her videos, she never ceases to encourage her followers by telling her story. At first, Abbey started to prepare her cosmetics because she had skin problems and industrial products were not suitable for her. Considering her smiling face and simplicity, Abbey has achieved great success not only in London and Cairo but also around the world through her interesting videos. Most of its customers have a real desire to master the formulation of products and the satisfaction of doing something by themselves, with this playful nature of ” Do It Yourself “.

To deepen her knowledge, Abbey followed several trainings on the preparation of cosmetics in animation workshops. As she was satisfied with the result, she launched her line of organic, certified, high-end cosmetics in London a few months ago. It manufactures the first beauty treatments that are already on sale: olive oil cleansing gel, frankincense serum, flaxseed face and hair cream, corn starch mask, etc. All its products carry the label ” Abbey Walker “.

A new fashion that continues to raise the debate. And the last word is with the consumers!

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