Nail Slugging is the latest trend for taking care of your nails

Nail Slugging is the latest trend for taking care of your nails

What if a dab of Vaseline could make nails stronger and more beautiful? We explain everything about Nail Slugging.

A manicure cannot be complete without good cuticle care! The technique of Nail Sluggingwhich is currently a hit on TikTok, is the new trend to flaunt stronger nails without much extra effort. Only prerequisite: have a jar of Vaseline in your bathroom.

What is the Nail Slugging trend?

Largely inspired by tendency skin care of Sluggingwhich aims to fight against skin dehydration, the technique of Nail Slugging involves applying a thin layer of Vaseline on her cuticles as the last step in her nail and hand care routine.

The goal ? Repair, hydrate and soften these small essential skins which cover the base of the nail and protect it from infections and shocks. And to top it off, who says healthy cuticles, often says stronger and more solid claws!

To the magazine pacedermatologist Mona Gohara admits to being a fan of Nail Slugging:

Occlusive products like Vaseline help heal, hydrate, shine and plump [ la peau ]. They do everything and take care of our skin barrier in many ways. Adding this type of product to your routine is an additional chance for the cuticles to regain their health.

How to adopt the Nail Slugging trend?

At home, it is very easy to enjoy the benefits of Nail Slugging. We explain to you: in the evening, massage a drop of pure vegetable oil (castor, sweet almond, jojoba, apricot, etc.) or a cocktail of oils for the nails on your cuticles, then apply over a lick of Vaseline. There you go, all you have to do is wait for the magic to work!

In the columns of the magazine Byrdieexpert Anastasia Totty advisesput on a pair of cellophane gloves for thirty to forty-five minutes after applying the Vaselinein order to accelerate the penetration of oils and, to avoid spoiling anything, avoid leaving traces of grease everywhere in its path.

To quickly see the difference in the quality of her cuticles and nails, she also recommends performing this treatment once a weekas one would make a mask for the hair or for the face.

Shopping for cuticle care


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