Perfect skin: 6 anti-blemish treatments that will guarantee you a sublime complexion this summer

Perfect skin: 6 anti-blemish treatments that will guarantee you a sublime complexion this summer

Some of these nuggets skin care have been ensuring flawless skin for decades. Others, infused with the latest technologies, are fresh out of the labs. Their common point? Fight against imperfections locally. Applied in a targeted manner on pimples and redness, they eradicate any trace of imperfection, to find clearer skin from the first application.

1.The most mythical: Payot

For 100 years Pâte Grise has saved us from the slightest imperfection. Its magic formula: a clever blend of soothing sweet almond, schist extracts to control the appearance of small pimples, and zinc to put out the fire in sensitive areas. To be shopped in the collector’s case designed for its centenary.

Surprise Collector’s Edition – Gray Paste by Payot

2. The most radical: Malin + Goetz

Applied in a thin layer to pimples before going to bed, this concentrated 10% sulfur paste works overnight to soothe redness, erase traces of acne and reduce scars. In the early morning, the difference is already obvious: it is not for nothing if it is the best-selling treatment from Malin + Goetz.

10% sulfur paste – (Malin + Goetz)

3. Richest in probiotics: Aurelia London

The secret of this very soft dough? In-depth action, thanks to the mixture of Chinese clay and Aurelia London’s signature probiotic complex, which rebalances the bacterial flora and reduces redness. Apply before bed for transformed skin when you wake up.

Probiotic Blemish Hero, Probiotic Anti-Blemish Care – Aurelia London

4. The most natural: Sanoflore

This small purifying bomb, with a pure smell of mint and lemon, eradicates the slightest pimple in 24 hours flat and ensures perfect skin. This, thanks to a cocktail of 9 organic essential oils with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and a dressing effect, which acts locally to erase acne.

SOS Magnifica Organic Local Anti-Pimple Care – Sanoflore


1001 Pharmacies

5. Most on-the-go: Shiseido

Developed specifically for young skin, this treatment filled with Koshirice (Japanese rice) and salicylic acid, gently removes imperfections. The plus: its completely invisible gel formula, to be unsheathed at any time of the day, can even be applied over make-up.

WASO Target Treatment – Shiseido

6. The freshest: Clarins

This ultra-fresh gel texture acts very precisely on imperfections to smooth them, soothe redness and extinguish burning sensations. His secret? The purifying power of a meadowsweet extract. The skin is clear, smooth, pure, and radiates a new breath.

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