Stock up on your beauty products from the start of the school year to be the most beautiful this fall 2022!

Stock up on your beauty products from the start of the school year to be the most beautiful this fall 2022!

Beauty products hold a significant place in the lives of most women. So that each of them takes advantage of every opportunity to get the most out of it.

Back to school doesn’t just apply to children. Unless you are still on leave, you also need to get back to working life.

And the outward appearance is essential to better develop yourself. Discover here a whole range of beauty products, without breaking the bank.

Beauty products from Sephora

Among the major brands of beauty products, Sephora has a large market share. Between its stores spread over several continents, the big names that work with it and its impeccable customer service, it has something to worry about the competition. This time, Sephora offers essential products for your skin.

At the top of the list is Estée Lauder’s “Perfectly Clean.” This is a cleansing foam to apply before putting on your make-up. It hydrates, refreshes and cleanses your face, so pores can breathe. Her natural constitution It has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types. You can use it daily as a simple purifier. But it is also possible to make a mask of it by applying it two to three times a week.

Once the skin is thoroughly cleansed, applying a serum is the next step. Still in the range of beauty products, Sephora offers you the moisturizing serum “Rose Deep Hydration” by Fresh. As its name suggests, it hydrate your skin throughout your day. Thus, you maintain an ideal complexion in all circumstances. At the same time, a slight scent of rose accompanies you thanks to the almost natural composition of the product.

To look more beautiful and affirm your identity, the contour of your eyes also deserves to be meticulously cared for. Sephora offers you Shiseido’s “Vital Perfection” cream. It acts directly against wrinkles due to age, fatigue or stress. You should know that the skin is thinner and more sensitive around the eyes. The tests carried out prove that this product is effective from the first week of application.

Always effective products

To get rid of dry skin, you have to make sure yours is fully radiant. Try Clarins Extra-Firming Energy. This product made from plants and fruits brings more firmness to your skin, while clearing spots and the harmful effects of time. So if you’re 40 and looking for the ideal productturn to this one.

If there’s one part of your body that deserves special attention, it’s surely your scalp. With this in mind, favor the fortifying hair serum from Sephora collection. It strengthens and thickens your mane thanks to its practically all-natural ingredients.

Its formula is composed of biotin and vegetable oil. At the same time, you adhere to Sephora’s eco-responsible approach. A major challenge, given the current circumstances. On the make-up side, adopt Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Luminous Foundation. A water-resistant foundation that has medium coverage.

In addition, you benefit from 50 shades to choose from to better hide the irregularities of your skin. It can be used alone and does not require powder as a fixative. But it is recommended to combine it with an eyeshadow like the Huda Beauty “Qwartz” palette or the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Soft Glam” palette.

Specialized beauty products for back to school

In order to satisfy its best customers, Sephora offers a whole range of beauty products at discounted price to better prepare for the start of the school year. Among other things, Olapex’s “No. 4 Bond Maintenance” shampoo can give your hair a youthful look. The ideal product after being exposed to the sun during the holidays. And to go with it, Too Faced’s “Better than chocolate” eyeshadow palette offers you a wide range of colors, ranging from milky to honeyed.

A beautiful day cannot be had without a good dose of perfume. Sephora presents two eau de parfum made by the most major brands. Prada’s “Paradox” is a mix between femininity and warmth. The “Fame” from Paco Rabanne is a fragrance that uses jasmine to make you more refined.

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