Succeed in the beauty market with Depil&Young equipment

Succeed in the beauty market with Depil&Young equipment

Depil&Young has selected the best technology in the beauty sector. The Expert Centers are all managed by a beauty care professional and offer various services such as permanent hair removal using pulsed light, slimming and facial treatments.



The most complete and technologically advanced network for hair removal, slimming and face care activities

Depil&Young accompanies you throughout your slimming or hair removal programs to obtain the best results thanks to the high-performance devices of the brand.

The Victoria 400 devices allow permanent hair removal treatments using pulsed light using the best-known technology recognized for its performance on the market, and the most widely used in France. 100% French technology!

Depil&Young offers technologies to effectively track down and defeat fat in all its forms.

Cryolipolysis or also called cold slimming, is a method of targeted and controlled cooling of fat cells. It reduces fat, improves cellulite and reshapes the body and silhouette.

The use of the slimming device is very advantageous. Indeed, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the treatment is truly effective.

Two areas can be treated at the same time while ensuring a comfortable treatment. In addition, you do not need staff thanks to its automated system.

Lipocavitation breaks down and relieves fatty tissue by emitting deep waves of energy. This technique will reduce blemishes and the appearance of cellulite, tone the skin and activate blood circulation for better results.

The technique uses energy waves to deeply destroy and unclog fat cells. It is often used to treat areas that cannot be treated with cryolipolysis.

radiofrequency is an electromagnetic wave generating controlled electrical waves causing two distinct stimulation actions of the fibroblasts: electrical stimuli and heating of the skin.

Through its tensing and regenerating action on the collagen fibers of the dermis, radiofrequency improves skin tone and elasticity. It treats sagging skin and redraws or remodels the weakened contours of the face and body.

Pressotherapy is used in addition to slimming treatments, it eliminates toxins by activating veno-lympathic drainage and thus obtaining faster results.

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