This ‘magic’ hair syrup is the new beauty fad that’s igniting TikTok

This 'magic' hair syrup is the new beauty fad that's igniting TikTok

A young student has created a natural hair care product and the whole world is raving about it.  (Photo: Getty Images)

A young student has created a natural hair care product and the whole world is raving about it. (Photo: Getty Images)

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According to young women around the world, this hair care is essential for soft and silky hair.

It will be understood, haircare is the new skincare. Ready to do anything for their hair, beauty addicts have obviously found THE hair care to adopt at the start of the school year. For several months, TikTok has been unleashed around this “Hair Syrup”, and by viewing the images, we quickly understand why: the hair grows faster, while being ultra silky and hydrated. Impressive !

The golden and unctuous hair syrup is designed based on apricot, argan, jojoba and tomato seeds. And it is Lucie Macleod, a young British, who is at the origin of this 100% natural product. She is still a student, in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out and the confinements are linked. So in his spare time, she has fun creating products that will solve her own hair problems. In just a few months, her hair is transformed and her loved ones are amazed. The young woman then films her hair routine to post it on TikTok and accumulates more 600,000 views in a few hours only. “A lot of internet users even offered to pay me more than £30 to send them a bottle”, she says. Pushed by her boyfriend, she started on her own and created her own brand.

In November 2021, the Beauty Bay cosmetics store approached Lucie and offered to sell its products. A godsend for the young woman who is struggling to get by on her own! Today, her Hair Syrup is still available there, but for how long?

The Original Hair Syrup | €17.50 on Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay


Success story, female entrepreneurship and natural ingredients, it was enough to convince thousands of users.

“Ladies, you need this product!

“Oh my god, this hair syrup is magic”launches a user in comment, on Beauty Bay. “My hair is soft and shiny again. Ladies, you need this product!” And she is not the only one to appreciate the treatment. “It’s amazing! I can already see the difference after a few uses”says another client.

To enjoy the benefits of the star product, nothing very complicated. We deposit the hair syrup on the lengths and ends of her dry hair, then we massage to the scalp. We let the treatment act for a good hour, then we slip into the shower to shampoo. By using the Hair Syrup once a week, hair growth would be quickly improved. They will also be more hydrated, softer and shinier.

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