What are the perfect haircuts at 40?

What are the perfect haircuts at 40?

Short square, mid-length curly, boyish cut or Pixie cut: what are the haircuts to favor from 40 years old? Here are all our tips for finding the best haircut after your 40s.

To preserve your youth capital, it is essential to find the right haircut which will highlight your features and give you a boost, especially after 40 years.

What haircut at 40?

After the age of 40, hair naturally tends to thin out and get damaged easily, especially on the lengths and ends. It is for this reason thatwe will avoid cuts that are too tapered which will accentuate the fineness of the hair. Prefer straight cuts or with a discreet gradient that will allow you to gain volume and give the illusion of greater hair mass.

Betting on current haircuts is also recommended for forties because the retro look will mark your age. Thereby, avoid shag, bowl or mullet cuts : they give a trendy style to women of 20 years while they age those of 40 years. Same observation for the straight and thick fringe: prefer a curtain or slightly degraded fringe which will know how to energize your hair look.

What hair length at 40?

Because the hair is more fragile after 40 years, the short is often recommended to give a facelift to the hair. The square is the most popular haircut: cut at the shoulders or at the jawline, plunging or slightly layered on the tips, the square is ideal for lightening the head and illuminating the face. For the more daring, the boyish cut is also one of the cuts acclaimed after 40 years.

However, if the court scares you, it is quite possible to keep your hair long or medium-length at 40, provided they are well cared for. Shiny and healthy hair will boost the radiance of your face. The right gestures to apply: make oil baths to nourish in depth, take a vitamin cure to boost the hair fiber and slow down hair loss, make a weekly hair mask and do not forget the conditioner at each washing.

What haircut for an oval face at 40?

“Perfect” face shape according to hairdressers, an oval face is recognizable by its balanced and well-proportioned features. It is characterized by a rather elongated shape, slightly domed cheekbones and a thin jawline. If all haircuts go perfectly with the oval face, some are to be preferred after 40 years. The square is once again the ideal cut, which pleases for its multiple different versions. Short, long, with bangs, curly or colored: the square suits the oval of your face, which will gain in freshness and youth. Short cuts, such as the pixie cut or the boyish cut, will also perfectly highlight your oval face. As for the cuts on long hair, they must be sublimated by a slight gradient on the lengths or an air brushing to avoid the “raplapla” side after 40 years.

What curly haircut at 40?

Whether natural or worked, curls are a great ally to enhance hair after 40 years because they bring volume, movement and the illusion of full hair mass.

Thereby, curls are perfect on all cuts and lengths (even very short haircuts can afford to be curled). The only condition after 40: take care of your curls, which require special attention. Maximize hydration for silky, defined curls.

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