Why does my dog ​​have watery eyes

Pourquoi mon chien a les yeux qui pleurent

Why does my dog ​​have watery eyes

Dogs are the closest animals to humans. They’re not just beasts. rather than faithful companionswhich contribute to increase your happiness rate daily. It is therefore essential to take care of their health and provide them with everything they need. Some dogs tend to shed tears, and surely you have already wondered if they felt a sense of sadness. Maybe you thought they had a health issue and after checking that wasn’t really the case. In fact, you will find in the following paragraphs the reasons why your pet sometimes sheds a few tears.

Tears flowing for health reasons, and not only

It exists several factorss able to justify tearss (excessive) of your faithful furry friend. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most common causes:

  • Conjunctivitis of viral, parasitic, bacterial or even fungal origin
  • Any allergy
  • Inflammation of the inner envelope of an eye: uveitis
  • Inflammation of the eyelids: blepharitis
  • A scratch in the eye
  • Partial or total narrowing or obstruction of the lacrimal ducts, caused by sinusitis, a wound, etc.
  • Irritation due to a skin disease, excessively long hair favoring the appearance of foreign bodies (bacteria, fleas, etc.)

In any case, if you are unsure of the origin of your dog’s watery eyes, it is better to consult a veterinarian and/or an animal health specialist. Thus, you will obtain a better diagnosis as well as adequate treatments.

Naturally secreted tears for better protection of the dog’s eyes

Dogs work much like humans. They automatically produce tears for their own cleaning, but also to provide protection for their eyes. However, some races sometimes shed more tears than others. And, for your information, dog tears are not meant to flow outside, but inside the eye for the cleaning step to be performed. In this case, it is necessary to take special care of them. In this sense, rest assured, there are various products to heal the tear ducts of your best friend. Among them, there are in particular Vetobiol Organic Eye Lotion Dog Cat 125ml.

Presentation and use

VETOBIOL ORGANIC EYE LOTION is a natural product designed to take care of the eyes of your pets, whether dogs or cats. You can use it from their third month; and thanks to its formula, their tear ducts are no longer at risk of being clogged.
On the use side, pour a few pure drops on a compress to clean the eye and the contour. To prevent bacteria from spreading, use two different compresses for each eye.
The ingredients of this product are as follows: solution based on a mixture of hydrosols of Sage and blueberryboric acid and natural preservative.

Cleansing after daily care

Make sure your pet’s eye care has been applied. It’s not just a matter of health, it’s also a matter of aesthetics. Just like you, your dog deserves to look neat. It is for this reason that it is necessary to clean the contour of his eyes, to erase the traces of recent tears. Cleaning is also essential for hygiene and the dissolution of unsightly residue that lodges on the inner corner of the eyes of your furry friend. Thereby, this helps to avoid irritation and clear his sight at the same time. Today, several quality products are available on the market to ensure the proper cleaning of dogs’ eyes. Besides, Beaphar Solution Against Traces Of Tears 50ml is one of the most effective devices.

Presentation and use

BEAPHAR SOLUTION AGAINST TEARS TRACES is a natural product formulated with disodium tetraborate to clean around the eyes of your dog or cat. Thus, it helps in the perfect aesthetics of your pet.
Use cotton and apply the solution on it, then pass it gently on the traces left by your pet’s tears. Carry out this action 1 to 2 times per week until the total disappearance of the tasks.
It is strictly advised to keep the product in a clean and dry place and always out of reach of children.

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