8 simple and VERY useful beauty tips to save time in the morning

8 simple and VERY useful beauty tips to save time in the morning

Sometimes, upon awakening, it is customary to dedicate the morning to our beauty routine ! With showering, hairdressing and makeup, time spent in the bathroom can feel like an eternity. And yet there are mornings when sleep is a priority !

Whether you are looking to save an hour, half an hour or a few minutes; there are simple and creative ways to keep your head on the pillow a little longer and still feel beautiful and fresh. So here are 8 beauty tips that will get you ready much faster.

  • Mix your foundation with your moisturizer

Instead of spending time applying moisturizing cream then do the same with foundation, it can be smart to mix a drop of your favorite foundation with your daily face cream for quick coverage and hydration in one step.

  • Apply your hair routine in the evening

The same thing that goes for your body also goes for your hair when it comes to saving the most time possible. If you have to to wash hair the next day, apply a restorative hair mask and sleep with it. What if you don’t take a shower in the morning? Apply a light hair oil to the ends only before bed for softer, more supple hair when you wake up.

  • Shower in the evening instead

If you shower before bed and don’t sweat a lot while sleeping, then you should be good to go in the morning. Spray your hair with a styling spray to make it look good or use a dry shampoo if needed. Wash your face as usual and use a disposable mitt or wipe to clean areas that have lightly perspired.

  • Treat your imperfections at night

Use a spot treatment at night to deflate, dry out and reduce redness of pimples. This will make them easier to cover with makeup and save you time.

  • We focus on creamy formulas

To avoid wasting too much time during the make-up step, bet on creamy textures for eye shadow, blush and lipstick. These can be applied directly with the finger and they are quick to apply.

  • Style your hair at night

Choose a hairstyle that needs to be fixed (straight hair with a headscarf or wavy hair with braids), preferably without barrettes or anything that would be painful to sleep in, and leave the hairstyle as it is while you sleep. Use a dry shampoo if needed. It’s the perfect option for waking up with perfect hair and spending an extra hour in bed.

  • Use the same makeup for multiple places at once

Try using your makeup in different ways, it will help cut your morning application time in half. For example, a blush, a lipstick or an eye shadow can be used for the lips, for the cheeks and also for the eyes if necessary! The monochrome association can be lovely!

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  • Plan your makeover the night before

Just like you would for the clothes you want to wear every day, do the same for your beauty products! It will save you from wasting time looking for things and allow you to take good care of your skin, make up and do your hair quickly and efficiently.

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