A new hair trend that has taken center stage since the start of the school year!

A new hair trend that has taken center stage since the start of the school year!

Discover without delay how to reproduce the Liquid hair on your hair to be top for this back to school! The details !

The Liquid hair trend has been widely popularized by Hollywood celebrities. To name a few, Internet users have already seen Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa adopt this hair style in vogue!

The end result of this method is also resplendent and ultra elegant. Want to bring the same care to your hair? Scroll down your screen and discover all the details in the following lines!

Liquid hair: What is this new trend all about?

Contrary to the trend of wet hair, Liquid Hair gives the effect of ultra-shiny, attractive and soft to the touch. Its super sleek appearance makes it look like calmly flowing water (hence the name). The end result is defined as straight and smooth locks that will give you healthier and more natural looking hair!

To adopt the Liquid hair, start by preparing your hair with a shampoo and a conditioner ” anti-frizz“. These hair products help get rid of frizz and restore shine. By the way, they form the basis of the hairstyle. This shampoo and conditioner set is enriched with a highly nourishing formula. And this combination softens the cuticles of the hair and makes it soft to the touch without weighing it down.

Do you have extremely dry and frizzy hair? It would be best to use a liquid hair infused hair mask keratin instead of conditioner. Put on a shower cap and keep the treatment on for 15 to 20 minutes. This process is a nourishing treatment for unruly and coarse hair. As a result, it controls frizz and provides intense shine and softness.

It is strongly recommended to dry your hair with a microfiber towel to avoid breakage. This product to set up Liquid hair will dry your hair quickly and gently. Especially since it does not cause frizz in the hair and thus keeps it soft and smooth!

Here is the procedure to follow !

For a more radiant effect of Liquid hair, coat your hair with a hair serum of a styling nature. This helps soften and detangle your hair. Ideally, apply to damp hair, from mid-length to ends, avoiding the scalp.

Then proceed to brushing your mane. It is best to use a hair serum containing camellia oil. The latter instantly controls frizz and gives your scalp dynamism and shine.

Details that indeed characterize the Liquid hair! It is also worth noting that camellia tackles split ends and tames unruly hair. This way, it would be easier to style your long hair! Obviously, this is a product that is necessary to abuse it.

Then, pass the flat iron over the sections divided three or four times to achieve the coveted Liquid hair texture. Thus, you get a home hairstyle worthy of a beauty salon. Ceramic-coated plates glide over your hair to smooth and shine. They also help eliminate frizz and keep hair shiny.

Liquid hair: Finish it off with a shiny spray!

You can conclude with a shine spray to accentuate this shiny look “Liquid Hair”. This must-have hairstyling product will enhance the look of your hair with brilliant shine! And again, bet on a quality device at the risk of damaging them further.

It also makes your hair look bouncy and smooth to the touch. Your mane will have a light and shiny finish in just a few seconds. And this, while leaving it revitalized and detangled. In other words, a shiny nature spray effectively manages frizzy hair and does not weigh hair down! There you have it, now is the time to produce the Liquid top with your own care.

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