Curly hair: here is Taylor Hill’s complete hair routine for sublime curls in 30 minutes

Curly hair: here is Taylor Hill's complete hair routine for sublime curls in 30 minutes

It is always difficult to discipline curly hair. How to properly define your waves without breaking them, maximize your volume without making your hair foamy? What products to use so as not to weigh them down? So many questions to which the top Taylor Hill decided to respond by revealing her complete hair routine on Instagram. Creams, oils, spray, application, hair dryer, iron… Everything is there, and the result is stunning: a wavy mane full of volume, with ultra-defined curls. Having collected more than 3 million views in less than 24 hours, everything suggests that this routine will revolutionize the daily life of many beauty addicts with curly hair. So, do you want to reproduce this more than promising routine? Here’s everything you need to know for wild hair as beautiful as that of Taylor Hill.

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Taylor Hill’s hair routine for wild and defined curls

The magic operates through a routine broken down into 9 key steps:

1. The model begins by washing her hair with a volumizing shampoo and a curl-defining mask. Then she lets them dry in a turban.

Volume Shampoo – Better Not Younger


Better Not Younger

Honey Infused Hair Mask, Gisou, 250ml, 49 euros.

Honey Mirsalehi hair mask – Gisou

50 €

Gisou via

Hair drying turban – Aquis


Acquired via

2. Then, she applies a regenerating prickly pear oil mask to her slightly damp hair, signed Christopher Robin. She takes care of cruncher her hair, bouncing her curls back to the roots with her hands.

Hair regenerating mask – Christophe Robin


Christophe Robin via

3. She repeats the same step, this time applying the perfecting cream ORIBEwhich protects the hair before applying a heat source.

Straight Away Cream – ORIBE

48 €


4. She uses two pumps of the brand’s “hair defining gel” Living Proof to sheathe her curls, always scrunching towards the root.

Curl Defining Gel – Living Proof


Living Proof via

5. Taylor Hill then take a diffuser hair dryer Kristin Ess to gently dry her curls. To do this, she puts her head down to keep her volume, and does not hesitate to cruncher her hair to define her curls.

Diffuser hair dryer – Kristin Ess

6. In the middle of drying, she applies Maximista volumizing spray byORIBE on all of her hair to sheathe her wild mane.

Maximista volumizing spray – ORIBE

40,60 €


7. She then moves on to the curler step, crucial for redefining loose curls and giving more volume, using the one from Gold ‘N Hotin size ¾.

3/4 hair curler – Gold ‘N Hote

8. Once the curls are done and the hair is dry, Taylor Hill apply a texturizing dry spray ORIBE on its lengths to sheath them more.

Texturizing Dry Spray – ORIBE

52 €


9. Final step: she places a few drops of hair oil Prose in her hands, which she warms for a few seconds, before applying it directly to her curls by scrunching. Results ? Shinier and nourished hair, for a wild mane worthy of the greatest salons.

Hair Oil – Prose

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